Best Android Apps For Learning Guitar

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Learning a guitar is no easy task. Well, it's not that difficult either if you are learning from a pro; however, if you are learning on your own then it becomes sort of difficult. The first thing you'll need is a guitar and a good amount of resources from the Internet. On YouTube there are thousands of videos that help you learn the instrument. Moreover, there are also many websites that sell recorded guitar tutorials via DVDs and CDs. In short, the Internet is replete with resources for guitar learners. Our good old Google Play Store is no exception. The Android app store comes with a plethora of amazing apps that help amateur guitarists learn the instrument at a faster pace.

While no substitute for a guitar teacher, these Android apps would assist you to be able to play guitar better and would also help you learn a few tricks to impress your friends:

Ultimate Guitar Tabs

With over 400,000 tabs and chords, Ultimate Guitar is considered as one of the best resources for learning new songs on the guitar. The site offers a huge collection of tablatures of popular songs and also lets you submit your own. This paid app brings all the site's goodness to your mobile phone. The app, once installed, lets you search and view their huge catalog of tabs and chords. You can also upgrade the app to get interactive tabs that are similar to Guitar Pro and Power Tab. Overall, an indispensable tool if you want to play the latest song that you heard from the radio on your guitar.


Ultimate Guitar Tuner

Another paid app from the same company, Ultimate Guitar Tuner lets you tune your instrument with the touch of a button. Simply place your smartphone near your guitar and lets start plucking the notes. The tuner will pick up sounds from your phone's microphone and show you whenever your guitar has been tuned. There's also a feature that allows you to tune the instrument by ear.

Learn Guitar Chords

This free application lets you learn all the popular guitar chords. The app lets you play out the chords on your smartphone so that you get to know the fret positions by heart. As for the sounds, you can choose between electric and acoustic so that you get an idea what the chord sounds like on both the instruments.

Learn Guitar

Learn Guitar is a free application that can comes in quite handy if you are learning the instrument on your own. With 8 beginner lessons, 6 intermediate lessons, and 6 advanced lessons, the app comes with helpful sounds and visuals that make learning much easier.

Guitar Lessons Free

This free application comes with detailed guitar lessons that you can peruse at your own convenience. The app is actually a book of lessons that teaches you everything from the basics of the fretboard to the Arpeggios. Worth a try if you prefer reading a lot about what you're learning.

Jamstar Acoustics-Learn Guitar

This free application lets you learn to play the guitar in 90 interactive lessons. Covering the instrument right from the basics, Jamstar's Learn Guitar lets you learn the instrument in a simple, well-paced, and exciting manner. The app's lessons cover all the main things like plucking, fingering, solos, chords, scales, jam sessions, melodies, rock riffs, and more.

A great feature in this app is that it lets you record your playing using your smartphone's built-in microphone and gives you feedback accordingly. Moreover, once you're done with a lesson, you can share your learning progress with your friends on Facebook. Jamstar also comes with an interactive guitar tuner so that you won't have any excuses for putting off today's lesson for tomorrow. Overall, it is one of the best apps out there if you are starting from scratch.

Written by: Abhishek, a regular TechSource contributor and a long-time FOSS advocate.

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