Best Android Word Games That Will Help Boost Your Vocabulary

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These days, reading books doesn't seem to be the only way to ameliorate your vocabulary. You can also play a lot of word games that will not only make you learn new words but also help you have fun while doing it. 

On Android too, there are plenty of word games you can play that will help you improve your vocabulary. Following is a list of the best games in that category:

Words With Friends

Words with Friends is a crossword-like game that has a social element to it. Rated as one of the best mobile word games, this Zynga title brings the familiar crossword puzzles to your smartphones. The game involves players taking turns trying to form words and garner the maximum points at the same time. Once started, you are matched up with a player on the Internet. You can then play and chat with that player at the same time. Sometimes, however, the opposite player doesn't have enough time to continue the game. In that case, you can start a new game with another player and keep having fun. In all, you can start up to 20 such games. One of the best things about this game is that you don't have to be in front of your phone 24x7 in order to play the game. Whenever it's your turn, the app notifies you using your phone's notifications. 



Scrabble, as the name suggests, is the familiar word-based board game ported to your smartphone. It lets you play the game in English, French, Italian, Spanish, and even German. Once installed, Scrabble lets you connect with your friends on Facebook and play with them head-to-head. Also, while playing, you can chat with them using the inbuilt chat client that is replete with emoticons and chat icons. The application also includes a Scrabble Teacher, which helps you improve your scores by giving you useful tips.

Hanging With Friends

If the aforementioned Words with Friends seems a bit monotonous to you, then this next app will help spice things up. Hanging with Friends by Zynga is a free game that lets you play the classic game of hangman along with some great features. Once installed, Hanging with Friends presents you with cute characters that are stuck in a dangerous situation. Your job is to save them out of that situation by simply using the power of your vocabulary. Much like Words with Friends, this game is also based on turns. Once you start a game, you can chat with your opponent. And, if you feel that you need to practice your skills more, you can start up to 20 more games at once.

Angry Words

Loaded with a nicely designed interface, Angry Words is an asynchronous, cross-platform multiplayer game. You can play either with your friends or choose to battle against a random opponent on the Internet. Unlike other apps on the list, Angry Words doesn't have any limits on the number of simultaneous games you can start.


With over 20 million users, Wordfeud is also one of the top word games the Play Store has to offer. Loaded with some interesting features, this game is a tile-based puzzle game that tests your vocabulary against players from around the world. The game consists of a 15 by 15 tile board on which you can score points by creatively placing the tiles from your rack. You can earn bonus points for completing a word on a tile that was marked as Double Letter, Double Word, Triple Letter, or Triple Word. Also, you can play against your friends by searching for them right through the application. And, if you get tired of a single game, you can launch up to 30 games at once.

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