Best Alarm Clock Apps For Android

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Having trouble waking up in the morning? Does your regular alarm clock fail to wake you up? If that's the case, then it might be a good idea to turn your smartphone or tablet into an alarm clock. Thanks to Google's openness towards the Android platform, you can now install apps that ensure that you'll wake up no matter what.

Some apps will wake you up with the pleasant chirping sounds of the birds while others manage to do so by forcing you to solve a complex math problem the moment you open your eyes. No matter what kind of sleeper you are, a light sleeper or a heavy sleeper, these Android apps will wake you up no matter what.

So, if you're looking for some good alarm clocks for your Android device, here's a list of the best in the category:

Alarm Clock Xtreme

I used this app for a while when I had to wake up way earlier than I was used to. Never, for a single day, did this app fail to wake me up. What makes Alarm Clock Xtreme so effective that it understands that the moment you wake up, you're a bit lazy and are not in the mood to do any complex tasks. But, if you are made to do some complex tasks early morning, your brain will get activated and you won't feel sleepy anymore. Following this simple logic, Alarm Clock Xtreme either makes you solve complex math problems or makes you enter some captchas the moment you wake up. This sets your brain in motion and you don't feel as sleepy anymore.

As far as the snooze button is concerned, this app handles things a bit differently. Instead of hitting the snooze button like in a normal alarm clock, you can choose to complicate things a bit. In other words, for snoozing the alarm clock you can make yourself shake the phone or make yourself solve math puzzles.

Overall, I consider this one of the best alarm clock apps that is out there in the Google Play Store. 

Alarm Clock Free

This app, apart from being a good alarm clock, also doubles as a beautiful digital clock. Once installed, you'll be able to use your smartphone as a bedside clock that displays the time using a gorgeous-looking green LED. As far as the main function of the application is concerned, and that is waking you up, Alarm Clock Free supports multiple alarms, fade-in sounds, and super-sized alarm clock buttons. Another great thing about this app is that it also manages to wake you up even when your phone is in silent mode.

Alarm Clock Plus

Another feature-laden alarm clock app is Alarm Clock Plus. The app comes with features like shake-to-snooze, volume fade-in, and repeating alarms. Apart from the usual features, Alarm Clock Plus stands out from other apps by providing features that are guaranteed to wake you up even if you're a deep sleeper. The app can be set to launch a specific music track when you wake up or even flash the flashlight if you wake up at 3 in the morning. Furthermore, if you are a perpetual snoozer like me, this app will help you wake up by making you solve complex math problems. Another cool feature about Alarm Clock Plus is that it lets you set alarms for naps. This functionality is similar to a countdown timer thus making it easier to set an alarm if you're taking a short siesta.

DoubleTwist Alarm Clock

Definitely the most beautiful app on the list, DoubleTwist Alarm Clock serves as a minimalistic-yet-powerful alarm clock for your Android device. Once installed, you can set the app to use either of the two clock modes: flip clock and analog clock so that you can set the device on your nightstand right before you sleep. When it comes to actual alarms, DoubleTwist lets you set alarms in four modes: Time, Sleep Cycle, Quick Nap, and Sunrise. These modes are designed so that you sleep according to your optimal sleep cycle. There are also other features like multiple alarms, recurring alarms, and the ability to set custom labels to your alarms. Overall, it is an effective yet beautiful application that does what it says.

Written by: Abhishek, a regular TechSource contributor and a long-time FOSS advocate.