Best Android Apps of 2013

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2013 saw the release of variety of Android apps. Some were good and some were bad, but the best ones were those that showed innovative and handy features that would help us make the most out of our Android devices this year. The following apps, though released last year, will make sure that you begin your new year on a high note:

Cal is a well-known name among productivity freaks. The “to-do” application is famed for its simplicity, ease of use, and brilliant design. Bringing all the goodness of to your daily agenda comes Cal. Cal is a simple calendar application that helps you manage your daily agenda without complicating things. It has a gorgeous user interface that lets you mark your daily appointments and stay on top of the things that need to be done. Released only recently, Cal has grown in stability since its release. For those who rely on Google Calendar to get their work done, Cal comes as a pleasant surprise. Not only does it sync with the famed Google service but it also makes Google Calendar prettier. If you want an application that brings all of your appointments, birthdays, and other commitments in one single place, this is an app you should download.


Simplenote is a note-taking application that is known for its, well, simplicity. Purchased recently by WordPress, Simplenote is one of the best alternatives to Evernote. It has an interface anyone would instantly fall in love with. That, coupled with a powerful search and tagging functionality makes Simplenote an application that cannot be ignored if you take productivity seriously.


There are many applications that let you put a fresh coat of paint on your Android smartphone. Some let you do this by changing the icon set while others let you have a new launcher experience. Compared to Themer, however, these apps aren't a match. Themer is an app that lets you completely transform your phone's look without paying a huge price for it. Available freely for download, not only does it make it easy for you to get a new look for your Android device, it also makes sure that the usability factor is retained no matter what theme you choose. To get started, all you have to do is download the application, and select the themes you like. The theme then gets installed on your phone, thus completely changing the way you use your device.


When it comes to word processors only two names come in mind: LibreOffice and MS Word. However, both these applications lack mobile and tablet incarnations. Quip is an app that solves this problem. Quip is a collaboration-oriented word processor that works on tablets, desktops, and phones.  What separates Quip from other word processors is its ease of use and its beautiful interface. Furthermore, for those looking for a collaboration-packed alternative to Google Drive, Quip comes as a handy tool.


VSCO Cam is an application that makes Instagram look like a child's toy. Once installed, VSCO will turn you into a professional photographer (well, almost) in no time. Packed with powerful features, filters, and presets, the app will help you make the most out of your photos. Definitely one of the most important applications released in 2013.


For bibliophiles, Readmill comes across as a very handy application. Once installed, you can read your favorite e-books anywhere you want. With support for uploading DRM-free ebooks, Readmill serves as a great reader when compared to Kindle or Google Play Books. Furthermore, it also lets you share your reading progress with your friends, giving a social element to your booklust. This is truly a great app that has a long way to go.