Best Android Apps For Interval Training

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A lot of people workout in the traditional way. They hop on the cardio machine, run for half an hour or twenty minutes, get tired, and go home. While this helps them break sweat, it doesn't really add much to their stamina. For those looking to build stamina, lose weight, and increase overall cardiovascular strength, interval training is the best bet. Not only does it help you lose fat quickly, it also boosts your metabolism, thus giving you an overall health benefits.

Basically, interval training involves training with high intensity for a few minutes followed by a low intensity workout or rest. The aim of the workout is to improve speed and fitness. Though you can do interval training without any help, having an app that guides you through the process doesn't seem like a bad idea. That's why we have here a list of Android apps that will help you get the most out of your interval training program.

HIIT Interval Training Timer by Giorgio Regni

If you are a runner and don't have a coach to help you with your interval training workouts, don't worry. HIIT interval training timer is an app that comes in handy for workouts that involve running, skipping, cycling, or any kind of high intensity cardiovascular activity. Once installed, you will be able to time your workout and rest periods effectively. The app is simple, easy to use and does much more than a simple stopwatch.

HIIT Interval Training TimerAD by

For interval training fanatics who are in need of some motivation to workout, this app comes in really handy. HIIT Interval training timer lets you set your workouts whether you are doing simple training or planning to do an extensive workout like they show in home-workout programs. Once you set the amount of time you need to workout and rest, the timer does an excellent job at helping you log your training. That way, you have a record of what you've done in the past and which areas need a little push. One of the most notable features of this app, however, is that it gives you rewards for working out. This is a great feature for those who are a little low on motivation.

HIIT - interval training timer by Caynax

One of the most beautifully designed apps on the list is Caynax HIIT timer. Once installed, you can set a workout schedule for as much as the next 30 days. This means that you won't have any excuse to skip the gym. Just enter your workout routine, be it daily or 3-times a week, and the app will do a good job at reminding you when your next workout will be. The timers work perfectly well too. You'll find a circular glowing timer that you can glance over to quickly get a feel of the time left. Another cool feature that this app provides is that of TTS. This means that you can write out any piece of text and using the text-to-speech service, the app will speak out those words. This is very useful if you're someone who relies on some motivational words while working out. If you are looking for a complete workout solution that compliments your interval training, this app is a must have.

A HIIT Interval Timer by Pimpim Mobile

If you are tired of the level of complexity offered by other "complete workout" applications, then this app just gives you what you want: an app focused solely on interval training and nothing else. Once installed, you get an app that has a simple and easy to use interface. The timer's fonts are big thus allowing you to glance over to your phone whenever you need to know how much time is left. As for the workouts, it plays a nice little ticking sound thus reminding you that the time is running out. 

Written by: Abhishek, a regular TechSource contributor and a long-time FOSS advocate.