Best Custom Icon Packs for Android

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Android is best known for its customizability. By installing a simple app, you can completely change the look of your smartphone. When compared to its competitor iOS, Android is miles ahead in this department. Despite the fact that the new iOS 7 offers a look that one finds hard not to drool over, Android users can imitate the flat-looking UI in a matter of seconds. In fact, we even wrote a whole article in helping you get that clean iOS 7 look.

In this article, we won't be helping you create a UI that imitates any other OS. Instead, we will be focusing on showing you some of the coolest-looking icon packs that will turn your boring vanilla phone into fabulous eye candy. The following is a list of some of the best icon packs for Android.

Blitz Icon Pack

If you are new to theming but are afraid to lose the familiarity that you've been relying on for so long, the Blitz Icon Pack is your safest option. With over 250 icons, Blitz lets you turn your default icons into flat ones without sacrificing the original look of the icon. This means that Gmail will look like Gmail and Facebook will look like Facebook, but better. The sweet, flat rounded edges make the icon pack really appealing to fans of the flat UI design. 

Flatro Icon Pack

If you are looking for something minimalistic yet fancy, Flatro is your best bet. With over 1000 custom icons, matching widgets, and 24 minimal wallpapers, this icon theme is a result of hard work by the developer. Moving away from the traditional squarish icons found on most user interfaces, Flatro sports a distinct flat, round look. Apps like Twitter, Chrome, and Facebook retain their familiarity making them look like veritable buttons rather than just icons. The only downside to Flatro is that sometimes, some of the icons are hard to recognize. Flaws aside, Flatro is a great icon pack for people who are serious about giving their smartphone a makeover.

Stark Icon Set

Stark is one of the best icon packs out there as far as the minimalist look is concerned. With over 1500 icons and a cloud-based wallpaper gallery, Stark Icon Set is a great way to give your Android phone a completely new look. Retaining the familiarity of the app, Stark gives a flat, square look to your icons. The sharp edges to each icon make them look rather professional. Furthermore, you'll find the icons sometimes resemble the tile-based UI Windows Phone users are familiar with. Though not free, Stark is a fabulous, polished, icon set that is a great investment whether you are a regular themer or not.

Peek Icon Pack

If you are looking for something that is free yet gives your phone a distinct new look, Peek Icon Pack is your best bet. What makes Peek stands apart from other Android icon packs is that it brings its own look to popular apps yet it retains their familiarity. For example, the Google Maps icon comprises a green, flat square with rounded edges with a pushpin dropped in the middle. For many users, this won't be something that's hard to recognize. Similarly, you'll find that many icons in this pack do a great job at keeping the familiarity level very high. The only downside to Peek Icon Pack is that there are only 96 icons so far. But for a free set, it is not that big of a negative.

Aeron HD

With over 1900 icons icons, this one is the most beautiful icon pack of the list. Minimal and clean, Solstice retains the familiarity of your favorite apps while making your Android smartphone look very modern and stylish. Most icons are flat and circular with a single color. The logo of the app is etched into it thus keeping each and every icon minimalistic to the core. Though not free, Solstice is a great theme pack for those who love circular icons.

Written by: Abhishek, a regular TechSource contributor and a long-time FOSS advocate.