Best Fitness Apps for Google Chrome and Chrome OS

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Having to keep track of your daily eating habits is quite a task. Oh, and there is those tedious workouts that you have to do. Being healthy is such a bore, isn't it? Don't worry, even the healthiest of people hate getting out of bed and going to the gym. Yep, that's true. Fitness isn't a pleasant experience, it's hard work and yes, hard work for some people is boring.

As prolonged tech junkies, we are used to having shortcuts or little apps here and there that help us cut our job in half, in other words, keep us lazy. We have apps for self-diagnosing, for reserving our table at a restaurant, and even ordering the menu. Just press a button and your job is done.

In this world of 'click-and-buy,' it is understandable how hard it is to not be lazy. So, if you are someone who wants to get fit and wants to do it the quick way, what to do? Well, there is actually an easy way! Thanks to many apps and extensions that are out there you can keep track of your fitness right from your Chrome desktop or your Chrome browser.


Bodbot is an application that serves as your own personal assistant. Designed specially for people who either can't afford a gym or don't have to join one, Bodbot helps you personalize your exercise as well as nutrition. Once installed, Bodbot will get to know your goals very well. So whether you want to lose fat or gain some muscle, Bodbot will create personalized plans for you depending on what your needs are. From the weight of your dumbbells to the amount of sodium in your diet, it is amazing how detailed this app is. If you are a Chromebook user and a fitness freak, Bodbot should be your first choice as far as fitness apps go. 

Bloody Weight

Bloody Weight is a simple app that lets you record your body weight and keep a track of it on a daily basis. Nothing fancy in the UI or in the features department, this little app is great for getting a bird's eye view of your weight-loss progress. If a neat calendar and a graph is all you need to keep track of your fitness, Bloody Weight is a perfect solution for you.

Diet Diary

Fitness is not just about going to the gym and working out for hours. It's also about keeping track of what you eat and how much you eat. If you are lacking some focus in the latter part, Diet Diary is just the app you need. Once installed, Diet Diary will help you log the foods you eat, the exercises you do, and the water you take in order to create your complete fitness profile. The app shows you charts for daily, weekly, and monthly averages for weight, water consumed, calories consumed and exercise minutes. Overall, the app comes with four trackers: Food tracker, Exercise tracker, Weight tracker, and Water tracker. If you are someone who is looking for a free app that helps take complete control of your fitness then Diet Diary should be your best bet.

Lose It!

Lose It! is a free Chrome application that helps you create a personalized plan to track your food, exercise, and weight loss. With a built-in calorie tracker, Lose It! serves as a fabulous tool to help you get an idea of how many calories you take and how many you burn. One of the distinct features about this app is that it also lets you add sport activities so that you can subtract the number of burned calories from your chart. If you are using the app on mobile, it will also let you scan barcodes so that you won't miss out on tracking the foods you just bought from the supermarket. It is a great app to go for if you are calorie conscious. 

Written by: Abhishek, a regular TechSource contributor and a long-time FOSS advocate.