5 Upcoming Linux Games You Should Be Excited About

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Steam's release followed by the announcement of Steam OS was an unexpected boon for the slow growth of gaming on Linux. Both the developments were major milestones when it comes to Linux's recognition as a commercially viable gaming platform. Be it Left 4 Dead or Portal, Linux is no longer the operating system for nerds. It has truly gone mainstream.

Steam is now on the Ubuntu Software Center and more and more games being added to the catalog every week. As good as it sounds, only a few AAA titles are being released on Linux. This means that if you are a Call of Duty, Assassins Creed, or a Battlefield lover, Linux isn't ready yet for turning your PC into a full-blown gaming machine. But don't worry; there are signs that this might change. In fact, there are some upcoming games that might actually make you excited about building a new Linux-based gaming rig. So, without much ado, here are 5 exciting games soon to be available for Linux:

Metro 2033: Metro

Last Light was probably one of the biggest titles to arrive on Linux. After all, it was a game with 80+ Metacritic rating, stunning graphics, and a highly engaging storyline. The prequel to the title, called Metro 2033, will also be available on Linux. Metro 2033 Redux is already listed for pre-order on Linux and will be available for purchase in Summer 2014.

The game is a survival-horror title based on a popular novel by Dmitry Glukhovsky. Developed by 4A games, the plot moves from the perspective of Artyom who has to survive in the post-apocalyptic metro stations of Moscow. The game heavily relies on darkness to make the gaming experience even more immersive. Moral choices at important plot points determine the endings of the game.

Total War: Rome II

Rome II is a strategy game that was the eighth title in the ever-popular Total War series. Released in 2013, this game has received heavy critical acclaim for its engaging battles and realistic graphics. With 76/100 score on Metacritic, Total War: Rome is probably one of the biggest titles to arrive on Linux. Whether or not the port will be good that's another question, but this game for sure might make the penguinland an exciting arena for game developers.

Unreal Tournament Series

Probably one of the most popular FPS games of all times, Unreal Tournament is known for its fast-paced action and competitive deathmatches. Developed by Epic Games, this title is probably one of the biggest games to come to Linux. According to recent reports, the next installment of Unreal Tournament will be free and will also be available on Linux. The popular title is an arena FPS with head-to-head multiplayer deathmatches being its typical specialty. There are five other type of matches you can play with your friends online or on a LAN network making this game dangerously addictive.

Age of Wonders 3

Age of Wonders 3 is an amazing turn-based strategy game that was recently released on Windows. Developed by Triumph Studios, this game involves the player taking up the role of a leader who sets out to explore the world interacting with other races and kingdoms in order to expand his empire. According to a recent discussion on Steam forums, the developers have hinted at a possible port of the title on Linux. While the possibility of this happening seems highly positive, a lot of waiting might be needed to actually get your hands on this title. 

Portal 2

While the game is still in beta, this is another big title that's coming to Linux. What's great about Portal 2 is that it is an evergreen game that just never refuses to grow old. For those living under a cave, Portal 2 is a puzzle-based strategy game that is a follow-up to the ever-popular title Portal. The game has superb pacing along with some hilarious dialogues that keep you engaged in an exciting gaming experience. Since being in beta, it won't take a lot of waiting till you get your hands on this one. For science!

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