5 Best Android Apps for Taking Fabulous Selfies

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Selfies are the latest trend around. From Hollywood stars to political leaders, no one is immune to the selfie virus. Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are flooded with people posing in front of their smartphone cameras trying to convey that taking a picture of yourself isn't such a bad thing after all.

This blend of self-love and technology has been labeled as a fad, a narcissistic obsession, and a stupid pursuit. People, in general, have a rather negative attitude about selfies. Many of them hate it. While those who love taking selfies, don't seem to mind the hate at all. Despite all the negative feedback, selfies have become so popular that the word "selfie" has entered the Oxford English Dictionary. Love it or hate it, you can't ignore it.

If you are an avid selfie snapper, we would be the last people to judge you. As die-hard Android users, we have picked out for you some great apps that will help you take your self-obsession to a whole new level

Selfie Camera App

Selfie snappers have a common gripe that they have to deal with. That is, whenever they open the camera app, it opens up the rear-facing camera instead of the front-facing camera. While Google isn't going to update Android -- at least for now -- to make it selfie-friendly, an app promises a simple fix for that problem. Selfie Camera App is an app that opens up the front-facing camera every time you start it. It's a simple app that features Google's familiar camera interface. What's an added bonus is that it also allows you to share your selfie on social media instantly. 

Candy Camera

If simply having a front-facing camera app isn't enough, this next apps lets you take your selfie obsession to a whole new level. Candy Camera not only lets you take selfies but also helps you create beautiful pictures worth sharing thanks to the amazing filters that it comes with. Unlike Instagram, however, where you have to add the effects later, Candy Camera lets you have real time effects that show you how your photo will look with the effect. Moreover, there is plenty of stuff you can do such as add whitening effect for underexposed photos, blemish removal, cropping, and more. Overall, it's a perfect app for selfie lovers who want a little bit extra.


If you are an Instagram addict and want that retro effect added to your selfies, Retrica is just the app for you. The app comes with around 80 filters that turn your photos into retro images. More than just offering filters, Retrica makes things even more classy by adding out-of-focus blur, self-timer, and many other features. Overall, it is a great app for all the retro fans out there. 


Snapchat is the ever-popular app that lets you send self-destructing photos to your friends and colleagues. Though riddled with a few bugs here and there, Snapchat has risen to great popularity among teenagers who love to share their selfies with their friends. The best thing about Snapchat is that the images self-destruct thus maintaining the privacy of the sender. Though not strictly a selfie cam, it still works best for taking quick selfies and sharing them with your buddies. 


Again, this one too isn't a dedicated selfie app. In fact, it lets you take more than just a selfie. It lets you take pictures using both the cameras from your smartphone: the front camera and the back camera. This is great for telling a story of your life. Instead of taking a regular selfie at a vacation spot, you also snap a picture of your environment thus allowing your audience to actually be in the moment you are trying to share.