Best Chrome Apps and Extensions for Foodies

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Chrome is not just a browser. It has managed to reinvent itself by first turning into a full-fledged operating system, and then an ecosystem. Thanks to the relative openness of the platform and the plethora of efforts developers have put in, extensions and apps on Chrome offer pretty much the same functionality as a big ol' desktop. If you are a foodie and spend most of your time looking for something delicious to cook, these few extensions and apps are just what you need:

BBC Good Food

BBC Good Food is an app that lets you try out more than 200 recipes. With a beautifully designed interface, the simple layout features pictures of mouth-watering dishes from various cuisines. Moreover, if you are someone who travels a lot, or has a flaky Internet connection, the app also lets you view recipes offline. For the health conscious, the app comes loaded with all the nutritional data and health facts so that you won't have to sacrifice your health regimen for a tasty treat. The app also has full-featured videos that help you cook up any dish you want.


Gojee is an app that features some of the best hand-curated recipes out there. Be it a moist chocolate cake or a cool Martini, you'll get to see big hi-resolution pictures of your favorite dishes in the app itself. The recipes are written by some of the best food writers around and you won't have any trouble replicating the dishes that are shown in the picture.

Famous Food Finder

If cooking at home isn't something you want to do, then checking out a cool restaurant might be a great idea. But which restaurant to go to? Well, if it was some place that you saw on TV, this next app lets you find exactly that. Famous food finder is an extension that lets you locate restaurants that were featured on various popular TV shows. Once installed, the extension searches the site and gives you results laid out on a cool-looking map. By giving your location to the app, you can also find popular restaurants that are near your place. 

Fridgg  - Food Fanatics

If you are looking for something more than just a recipe app, Fridgg is just the perfect app for you. It is a community of food photographers, food bloggers, and food fanatics where you will find photos of delicious dishes from all around the world. Fridgg acts more like a food blog or a journal that lets you post pictures of beautiful dishes. More than just finding food pictures, you can also discover recipes, blogs, and food tips. Anyone from around the world can post their pictures and the photos are upvoted by the community of bloggers. 

Recipe Cookbook

Recipe cookbook is a simple application that lets you search through a database of recipes any time you want. The app works as a great kitchen reference with a page with nothing more than just a search box. Simply enter your query, let's say "strawberry" and the app presents you list of recipes involving strawberries. The results are full of pictures of the dishes you want to cook. It is a great app to keep in your App drawer if you are someone who loves to cook. 


If you are someone who would like to document your culinary journey, Myeatbox is an app that let's you do just that. Whether it be logging your meals for a diet or creating your own recipe cookbook, the app is quite versatile when it comes to letting you share your love for food with other people. While not quite as good as compared to other apps on the list, it is still a good addition to your list if you are a foodie.

Written by: Abhishek, a regular TechSource contributor and a long-time FOSS advocate.