Best Dialer and Address Book Replacement Apps for Android

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While the default dialer and contacts apps are good, they miss out on many important features like social media integration, T9 search, and gesture-based dialing. Thanks to the freedom that Android offers, you won't have to put up with the default apps for long.

That's why today, we have listed some of the best dialer and address book replacement applications out there for your Android smartphone.

Contacts +

If you want Twitter, Facebook, and WhatsApp integrated all in one place, this is the app you must download. Once installed, Contacts+ lets you send regular text messages along with automatic syncing of profile pictures of your contacts. Apart from syncing profile pictures (from Facebook), the app also gives you birthday reminders of your Facebook buddies. The design is pretty sleek and comes with an integrated dialer, an address book, and a message list as well. The grid-based or list-based contact view is prioritized by the frequency of communications you have with the people in your address book.

Apart from being a complete address book and dialer app, it also comes with widgets which help you pull up your most frequent contacts. One of the most interesting features in this dialer is its ability to use fast T9 and gesture-based search for names, emails, and even companies. With seamless integration with social media and an easy-to-use UI, Contacts + is perhaps the best replacement app for your address book and dialer. 

Go Contacts Pro

Go Contacts Pro is a free contacts application that comes with features like T9 smart dialing and fuzzy number search. Compared to other dialer apps, this one comes with a nice-looking minimal UI that helps you call people, manage contacts, and view records. Unlike the aforementioned Contacts +, there aren't many extra features here. One of the best parts, though, is that it can be used to replace the default contacts and dialer app completely thanks to its ability to sync with Google Contacts. 

CallApp Contacts

Contacts is an app that tries to make your address book more interactive and pretty. With the ability to have high-resolution pictures of your contacts, this one surely makes your phone calls look gorgeous. Where Contacts specializes is that it finds information from various sources like Facebook and other social media sites, and then uses that information to provide accurate details about the person in your phonebook. Information including birthdays, SMS, reservation, street view, and even yelp reviews can be integrated in your contacts book. This app is especially for those people who have a lot of contacts in their address book but have trouble remembering the particular person that's listed there.

Evernote Hello

From the makers of the widely successful service Evernote comes Hello. Sticking with the "remember everything" motto, this app helps you remember the people you meet on a daily basis. Though not a complete address book replacement, it does help those who want to know more details about the people in their contact lists.


ExDialer is an app that is focused on keeping dialing really simple and fast. With an easy-to-use layout and a T9 algorithm, the application helps you sort through your contacts simply by typing their phone numbers. The UI is clean and quickly matches up with the rest of the theme. One of the best things about ExDialer is that it comes with support for various VOIP apps like Viber and Skype. Also, it has useful shortcuts that let you perform frequently used functions. For example, you can place a quick call to someone by simply swiping to the left. The # key on the other hand, can be used to perform fast number searching. If you want a lightweight replacement for your core dialer app, this one is a great choice.

Note: Do not uninstall the stock calling/dialer app on your phone under any circumstances. The app is needed to make 911/emergency calls. Many replacement apps don't provide that facility.

Written by: Abhishek, a regular TechSource contributor and a long-time FOSS advocate.