How to Make the Most Out Of Pushbullet For Android and Chrome

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Since its release, Pushbullet has quickly become a favorite amongst many Android users. This free application lets you "push" any link or image to your mobile phone right from your desktop or browser. This means that you don't have to get up and type in a link that you see on your desktop on to your smartphone.

However, besides pushing links, Pushbullet can be used to do a lot more. The following article helps you get more out of the service.

Use Pushbullet for Storing Directions to Places

Let's say you are on your desk working on that big project. Suddenly a friend gives you a ring and asks you to join along for a dinner. She simply tells the name of the restaurant and you ensure her that you'll look it up. You quickly open up Google Maps on your desktop and voila there it is, the restaurant is just 2 miles away from your home. But, the problem is, you don't know the directions to this place. Now instead of looking up that place from your phone again, you can use Pushbullet to push the link to the map on to your smartphone. There, the link will then open up in Google Maps and you can then easily navigate to the restaurant.

Furthermore, if you are a bit old school and like to ask people for directions on the street, no problem. Pushbullet lets you forward the complete address onto your phone so that you won't have to remember it.

Store your Own Address in Pushbullet for Convenience

You know those times when someone calls you and asks you to forward your home address via SMS and you go ahhhh! Yep, that feeling that usually comes with typing out your own address a dozen of times. Don't worry you can easily avoid that feeling using Pushbullet. A great tip you can use is that you can type out your own address from the Pushbullet site and push it to your smartphone once. That way it gets stored in the web app's history. Now, whenever someone asks you to forward your address via SMS, simply push that address from the history on your phone, and then from the phone app, share it via SMS.

Snap and Save Important Receipts

If you are gung-ho about going paperless, Pushbullet comes in quite handy. While apps like Evernote do that quite well, Pushbullet isn't exactly that bad. All you have to do is snap a picture of an important receipt or document on your phone and then push it to your desktop. For backup, you can use a service like Dropbox from your desktop.

Make Booking Movie Tickets Easier

If you book movie tickets online, Pushbullet can help you speed things up a bit. Whenever you book the ticket online, simply send a link to the movie ticket or the ticket itself (PDF forms for some theaters) to your smartphone. You can then show the ticket that's on your phone at the booking counter.

Use Notification Mirroring

If you've been using this app for a while, you probably already know about this. Pushbullet can help you mirror notifications across multiple devices. The following video demonstrates that feature pretty well:

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