How to Write Screenplays Using Your Android Device

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If you are a budding screenwriter who's always on the move, writing a screenplay on your Android smartphone is the last thing you'd think of. In fact, there are barely any apps that fulfill the promise of a full-fledged writing experience on your mobile device. Having said that, hope's not lost. Android users who love to travel and love to write will find some of the screenwriting apps that we are about to share with you quite handy.

Most of the following Android apps work very well on Android smartphones. However, one must generally avoid writing full-fledged scripts using the phone’s small screen. What these apps work great for is editing bits and pieces of your script without you having to wait till you get home from work and open your computer. In short, these apps, though few, work quite well, but cannot be relied upon too much so investing in quality desktop screenwriting tools is still highly recommended.

FadeIn Mobile

FadeIn is a fabulous screenwriting application that works across all major platforms including Windows, Linux, and Mac. The mobile version of the software is designed to complement the desktop counterpart. This means that you'll be able to edit .fadein files on your smartphone without any difficulties. What's appealing about this app is that you don't have to worry much about formatting as it's automatically taken care of. Also, if you are someone who worries a lot about losing your files, FadeIn hooks quite nicely with your Dropbox account thus allowing you to safely backup your script. The only and perhaps the biggest drawback of this app is that it doesn't work with .FDX files or any other major file formats in the industry. 

Celtx Script

Celtx is a well-known free application that lets you write screenplays across multiple platforms. Its desktop counterpart retains most of the features that let you write scripts in screenplay, AV, stage play, audio play, and comic formats. To use the app, you'll need to sign up with a free Celtx account. This means that your scripts will be safely backed up and synced to the cloud without needing any external account. Though the app doesn't come with many fancy features, it is still useful for quickly typing out things on the go.

DubScript Screenplay Writer

DubScript undoubtedly has to be one of the most feature-rich applications on the list. The app works with four of the major script formats: Fountain 1.x, Final Draft (.fdx), Trelby, and CeltX (.html). And yes, this is the only app that provides you a suitable environment for creating a screenplay from scratch and then exporting it. What makes DubScript so special is that it uses the Fountain markup. This means that you won't have to waste unnecessary time focusing on the format of your screenplay. Just write and the app will handle the formatting part for you. Once you are done writing the script, it is neatly formatted by the app and can be exported as .fdx or even an .html file. If you want to print it directly, you can use Android's printing functionality to do that. The app can also export files into PDF format. You can then send those files to anyone one else by exporting the file via email, Evernote, or even Twitter if you are a little courageous.


MyScreenplays is another great app for writing screenplays on your smartphone or tablet. What makes this app stand apart is that it provides a unique non-linear approach to screenwriting. In other words, you can pick out any part of your script and start editing it whenever you want to. Most of the formatting happens automatically without you having to worry about it. MyScreenplays acts like a non-linear video editor but for screenplays. As for the supported file formats, the app can both import and export files in .fdx format. If you want, you can also export in HTML, Doc, PDF, and Celtx. Apart from extensive support for various popular formats, MyScreenplays also comes with some great editing options.