7 Interesting Crime-Solving Games for Android

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To summon your inner Sherlock Holmes or Nancy Drew, you don't need to join a detective squad anymore. There are many new games that allow you to solve crimes, catch the bad guys, and prove to the world that there is a master detective in you waiting to be recognized. These games let you play as a detective or a cop for hours and make you rack your brain to come up with clues that will help solve the mystery.

If you are someone who travels a lot, thankfully, most of these fabulous crime-solving games are already available for Android devices. This means you can keep working on cases, fighting crime, and saving the city, no matter where you go.

So, if you are ready to untangle the latest murder mystery in your town, here are some of the best crime-solving games for Android.

CSI (Hidden Crimes)

When it comes to solving crimes, CSI is a well-known franchise. The TV show has millions of loyal fans and its intelligent writing has kept viewers engaged for years. Bringing the same crime-busting thrill to your Android smartphone or tablet computer comes CSI Hidden Crimes. Set in Las Vegas, the game is written by Jack Gutowitz, the writer of the original TV show. Your job in this title is to find clues, analyze the evidence, and finally if everything goes well, solve the case. 

Special Enquiry Detail

In this game, you are responsible for investigating a murder of the daughter of two charity fundraisers. As the game progresses, the list of suspects grows. Leading the case are two smart detectives Turino and Lamonte. The game, much like CSI, involves you investigating the clues and helping the cops bring the criminal to justice. 

Mysteryville 2

When award-winning journalist Laura Winner finds that her friend Bill Witowsky has gone missing, she begins an investigation that takes her to places she'd never thought of. Soon, she finds that the disappearance of Bill is intricately linked to a charity auction the town's priest is throwing. How is Bill's disappearance linked to the auction? Well, that's what you are here for. The game involves you helping Laura solve the mystery by searching all the clues that help her solve the mystery. 

Another Case Solved

In this game, you get to play a famous detective who is responsible for solving a candy conspiracy. Ever since the city has outlawed all sweet snacks, you have to find clues and investigate the real reason behind the ban on candy sweets. What's special about this game is that you get to create your own special detective look with outfits, props, et al. Also, if you are into bragging, this game also supports Google Play achievements. 

Crime Story

Crime Story is a very interesting game that allows you to narrate your own gangsta story. The journey to becoming a mafia boss begins by searching for your kidnapped brother. The storyline of the game alone makes it fun and exciting. You will start from the bottom of the mafia world and you can move up from a common nasty job doer to a respected mobster by eliminating rivals and conquering the town. Your tattoos and scars will help you earn respect from your fellow gangsters. Overall, this is a really good game.

Crime Squad India Driving Game

For Indian Android gamers, this title lets you drive classic Indian vehicles down the streets of Mumbai to help keep crimes at bay. Unlike other crime-busting games on the list, this one doesn't have much of the mystery element to it. The game has more of a "shoot-and-chase" kind of experience. 

Mountain Crime: Requital

In this title, you play a doctor who's visiting a mountain resort. Upon arriving you find the first victim of the mystery. Your job is to investigate the other members of the resort and gather enough clues to find out who's behind this crime. As the game progresses, your character gets further entangled into the whole mystery so much so that you'll now have to worry about saving your life too. Though the game is not free, it's a fun and engaging title that will keep you hooked for hours.