A Geek Chick's Peek at Fedora 10 "Preview"

Posted by jun auza On 11/14/2008
Fedora 10, codenamed "Cambridge" is just around the corner. This upcoming version of Fedora will be released this November 25, so I'm pretty much excited about it already.

To give us a little sneak peek of what's to come, Aby Cruz of LinuxedStuff.com wrote for us her initial observations after she has installed and tested Fedora 10 "Preview" on her laptop. Here it goes:

Test Machine Specs:

Laptop Name: Misato
Brand: Acer Travelmate 6291
70 GB Logical Partition ext3 (for Fedora)
1024 MB RAM

First thing's first, why did I proceed on installing the preview version of Fedora 10 on Misato? --I haven't configured fully my notebook that's why I wasn't afraid to give Cambridge a test drive. And, I was also intrigued with the idea of using Plymouth for a quicker boot-up of this OS.

You might be thinking what the hell is Plymouth. Plymouth is a program written by Fedora's developers. Its main purpose is to provide a flicker-free and seamless startup. Therefore dropping the use of RHGB. So far it didn't fail. Within 45 seconds I reached login page. In less than 15 seconds, my desktop has finished loading. This program has exceeded my expectation although I found it quite troubling for Fedora to hang up every time I turn on my notebook. Then on my second try for boot-up, it went smoothly. I just hope this doesn't persist onto the stable release.

I was successful in installing Cambridge Preview, and I noticed some applications that were replaced with something else. Like, Pidgin to Empathy Instant Messenger; Eclipse Ganymede (from Fedora 9) to Fedora Eclipse based on Eclipse 3.4.1. I mentioned these 2 because it was pretty obvious. And these changes are very remarkable.

I also noticed OpenOffice 3.0 and Gimp 2.6, which were not included in the official list of accepted features in FedoraProject website. And both launched so fast that I didn't notice they were there already. I'm loving Linux more with this.

During my exploration of Fedora 10, I didn't expect Misato would detect my wifi router. When I was using Fedora 9 "Sulphur", I had a hard time activating its WLAN device and I was supposed to use ndiswrapper to make it work. But since Cambridge did a good job, I don't see ndiswrapper crossing paths with me anytime soon. Unless, this wonderful feature will not be included in the stable release this coming 25th of November. But that won't happen, right?

There are still a lot of new features that I have to see for myself. This is just to give everyone an idea of what's with the upcoming Fedora 10. And, I can say that this is a Linux distro worth waiting for. Being a Fedora user, I am pretty excited on what it can do and what I can do with it for the coming days/months or even years.

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