Internet Café Invaded by Linux Desktop

Posted by jun auza On 11/16/2008
A while ago, I was in an Internet café at a tiny mall here in Bohol for a quick check at my Email. The place has around 40-50 desktop computers with decent tech specs and with LCD monitors. I've been there before and have noticed that most of their machines ran in Windows, while a few ran in Mac OS X. Linux was nowhere to be found.

But today is different. I saw a monitor displaying brownish desktop wallpaper that made me smile. Yes, it's definitely Ubuntu. I later found out that they have installed Ubuntu in about 10 of their PC's.

I then picked a computer to use, and of course selected a Linux one. To start using the PC, you have to insert (like a jukebox) a 5-peso coin that would be good for 10 minutes.

I learned that they are using Ubuntu "Hardy Heron" with the still buggy Beta version of Firefox 3, so I hope their technicians will do an update as soon as possible. Anyway, I think Hardy is pretty much stable with their hardware, and there were no other major annoyances that I have encountered. I just hope a lot of people will notice how speedy Linux is compared to Windows.

There's a pretty cool scene at my side. I saw 3 girls that were busy working with probably their school projects in an Ubuntu desktop.

I took a photo (not of the girls) but of my display so that you will believe me that I'm actually using Linux (hehe). I used my phone's camera so please bear with me if it's a bit blurry:

If you're still not convinced, the Internet café is located at the topmost floor of BQ Mall in Tagbilaran City, and its name is Megabyte :-)

You may ask why I'm happy about this recent experience. ---Well, I really want Linux to succeed, and seeing it now being used in a Windows-dominated Internet café business is a telltale sign that the Linux desktop is geared up for the mainstream crowd. So, cheers to that!

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