Yo Frankie!, Now Shipping!

One of the most highly anticipated open source games of 2008 is finally shipping. After several months of development and unexpected delays, Blender Institute's Yo Frankie! has been unleashed for the world to play. From the project's website:

The long wait is almost over; today the dvds were delivered to the Blender Institute. Tomorrow we'll pack them all for our sponsors/customers, Monday it gets picked up by the Global Mail service.
Delivery is usually 2-4 days for countries close, 1 week for rest of Europe, 2 weeks for USA and rest of world.

Yo Frankie! is cross platform and can be played in Linux, Windows, and Mac OS X. Currently, there are no download mirrors given for the final version of the game, but there was a demo released last September for you to try.

I can't wait to get my hands on Yo Frankie! as I'm also planning to write a review of it for you all. If anyone out there who already has a copy of the game and is kind-hearted enough to share, please drop me a line :-)

For the meantime, let's watch this:


  1. Wow looks good. I hope it will be available free to download for my Ubuntu desktop. My kids will surely love it.

  2. This should be a game that the open source community can be proud of. Can't wait to play it.

  3. You could try to download it from while waiting for the DVDs to arrive.