Best Linux/FOSS Blogs of 2008

Posted by jun auza On 12/27/2008
I'm back. Our quest for the best of the best in Linux/FOSS of 2008 will resume by presenting to you some of my favorite blogs of the year.

The best Linux/FOSS "personal" blogs were selected based on their popularity, frequency of updates, and the quality and consistency of their posts/articles. I emphasized the word "personal" since I focused on the more casual but noteworthy blogs, and didn't include those well-established blogs with plenty of serious authors/writers like Linux Journal,, Ars Technica(Open Ended), etc.

Unlike the best podcasts and best news sites that I posted here several days ago, there are plenty of entries for this category to make it more interesting. Now without further delay, here are my picks for the best Linux/FOSS blogs of 2008 (in no particular order):

* nixCraft - Linux and Open Source Software Blog by Vivek

* Phoronix - Linux Hardware Reviews, Benchmarking, & Gaming

* Ubuntu Geek - Ubuntu Linux Tips, Howtos & Tutorials

* Raiden's Realm - “…helping people learn about Linux, BSD, and open source software.”

* Red Devil's Blog - News, views and reviews from the world of technology

* Blogbeebe - The odd journey of a Georgia Cracker in Florida.

* Boycott Novell - Exploring the reality behind exclusionary deals with Microsoft and their subtle (yet severe) implications

* Debian Admin - Debian/Ubuntu Linux System Administration Tutorials, Howtos, Tips

* LinuxHaxor - Linux Tips, Tricks, Tools News and Howtos

* Internetling - Linux and open source blog by Gregor

* Dedoimedo – A place to learn about a lot!

* PolishLinux - GNU/Linux for everyone

* Linux Loop - Keeping you in the loop with Linux news, reviews, guides, and more.

* Motho ke motho ka botho - K.Mandla’s blog of Linux experiences

* aseigo - the triumphs and travails of a shift-key-challenged KDE hacker

* Linux Screw - Smart blog about Linux/Unix/Cisco, Open Source, and Networks

* Royal HeHe2-ness! - Bringing Linux to the Masses

* The Linux and Unix Menagerie - Dedicated to keeping Linux, Unix and scripting Languages Alive!

* HowtoForge - provides user-friendly Linux tutorials about almost every topic

* Penguinway - Linux and Tech Stuff

Vote for your favorite Linux/FOSS blogs of 2008:

I know there are other great blogs out there that I fail to include here. Hence if you want to recommend a blog or two, please share them to us via comment so that I could follow them and perhaps include them next year :-)

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