Complex Simplicity

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Complex Simplicity: While I was thinking of a title for my next blog post, I came up with complex simplicity. I thought I was the first one to invent such a cool phrase but to be sure, I googled it. To my dismay, it returned 1,550,000 search results. But what the heck, I will still give my own understanding or shall I say definition of this new-found-phrase.

Complex simplicity will appropriately describe computing in general. Computer hardware is made up of intricate digital circuitry while its software contains complicated programs with codes of 1’s and 0’s. Together they work hand in hand to perform simple tasks so that end-users can easily surf the web, do word processing, or just use the cellphone without the need of knowing how hardware and software communicate with each other.

A well-designed software programs and hardware gadgets definitely have a complex engineering structure. We all love
Google for its simple and fast web design. But what lay beneath its skin is an algorithm called Page-Rank . It is credited for Google’s ultra-reliable search engine. We all love the gorgeous-looking iPod and its user-interface. To achieve the look, Apple engineers have to make the internal parts smaller than what is normal in order to cram it inside the iPod’s sleek and slim external.

Complex simplicity can also explain my belief in the divine being which is God. It is too difficult for me to think on whether God really exists and how, on what He looks like, on whether He is a man, woman, plants or animals, on whether there’s heaven and hell, on whether God loves Christians or Muslims or Buddhists more. If I care too much about these things I might end up in a mental institution. Besides, no living person really knows all the answers and can prove it. But I simply believe in God because He made me become a better person. Also, it always feels good to rely on someone far greater than anyone else. Because in times of hopelessness I know God will be there, and in my daily living I ask for His guidance.

How can a tiny single
microprocessor perform billions of calculations per-second? Who killed JFK and Lapu-lapu? What is the meaning of life? All these complex questions will only need a simple answer:

Just LIVE.

For all questions no matter how complex they may be will forever vanish when death comes.

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