My 10 Excuses For the Lack of Post

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My 10 Excuses For the Lack of Post: Sometimes, it takes a while for me to write a post. The reason could either be one or some of the following:

1. I have to spend more time with my
wife and son because my family always comes first before anything else.

2. I repaired a hardware problem on my PC, installed a new component, or did an upgrade.

3. I did some routine maintenance check-up and installed necessary software updates on my Windows Vista and
OpenSuse system.

4. There are some
Visual Basic projects that I have to finish.

5. I have to study some more
Python programming at 12 – 2am because it’s fun.

6. I needed a nap during the afternoon to cover for my lack-of-sleep.

7. I have to go to our water-refilling business.

8. I have to find a time for my physical workout.

9. I have to sometimes cook because our cook can’t cook.

10. My brain could be shrinking that’s why it's getting harder and harder for me to do multiple tasks.

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