I Wanna Be Like Bill Gates

I Wanna Be Like Bill Gates: Bill Gates is probably one of the most hated men in the history of computer industry, most especially by the open source community and small-time software developers. His company, Microsoft is accused of doing monopolistic business strategies that perhaps helped made him the richest man on earth for 13 consecutive years. His creation, the Windows operating system is criticized left and right for being crappy. His personality, no comment. They may be true, but despite all these, I wanna be like him.

Who wouldn’t want to be a multi-billionaire you might ask. But it’s not the billions that made me admire him, (I’m not gay believe me) “it’s the way he spends his billions”. He may have accumulated his wealth by being evil as some detractors are saying, but he’s spending it for the good of the humanity. According to several sources, Gates has already donated more than 30 billion dollars to charity. I have also read from this month’s issue of
Reader’s Digest how he has become a great factor in philanthropy and has inspired other wealthy people to give or donate money to those who are in need. If only all of the super-rich will think like him and do the same.

Most open-sourcerers are Bill Gate’s worst nightmare. Some have even physically attacked him. I consider myself an open-source software fanatic as I use Linux for most of my programming tasks. But, I don’t want to waste my time attacking the man. I would rather criticize his work and that's about it. “Don’t hate the programmer, hate the program.”


  1. Bill sucks!

  2. You are great mate, so is your article