Movie for the Geeks: Transformers

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UPDATE: Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Review

Movie for the Geeks: Transformers - I’m not your typical movie reviewer but I have watched this sci-
fi movie last Saturday and it was awesome. There was never a dull moment with never ending visual effects, explosions, U.S. military weaponry, and some of the latest in technologies can be seen all throughout the movie. Not to mention the cast of great hackers that helped saved the day.

The visual effects are the things I've noticed most. It was very realistic for a movie involving robots and I never saw any flaw in graphics at all. The military technology is quite accurate having seen modern weapons and vehicles like the
F-22 Raptor being crushed in mid-air by the evil robot.

Though the story is action-packed, it has quite a lot of sense of humor. There was also a little bit of a love story going on, not between robots but of the two lead characters. For those who are curious and wondering on what will be the ending of the movie, I can only tell you one thing, good robots won.

The cast of characters are not big time movie stars but their acting is above-average.
Michael Bay, the director of great films like Armageddon and The Rock has done it again in this movie. I’ve heard that there will be a sequel in 2009. There should be.

Transformers will be in theatres this July 2 in the States. Americans may have gotten theiPhone first, but I have watched Transformers three days ahead of them (hehehe).

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