Installing Rockbox and Bootloader

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Installing Rockbox and Bootloader: So here it is. Before you begin to pimp your iPod, please read the following instructions on installing Rockbox and bootloader very carefully:

1. I am not responsible for anything that could happen to your iPod. Try this at your own risk and don't ever tell me that I did not warn you.
2. Backup all your iPod files because all will be deleted during the process.

3. Be sure that you have a little computer experience. Read and understand all my instructions first before starting and if you feel that this is not for you then leave.

For Windows OS:

I. Installing the firmware

1a. Download your version of Rockbox here.

1b. Connect your player to the computer via USB.

1c. Take the file that you downloaded above, and use the “Extract all” command of your unzip program to extract the zip file onto your player's root directory. If the contents of the .zip file are extracted correctly, you will have a folder called /.rockbox, which contains all the files needed by Rockbox, in the main folder of your player’s drive.

II. Installing the Bootloader

2a. Connect your Ipod.

2b. Download ipodpatcher.exe from
here and run it.
2c. If all has gone well, you should see some information displayed about your iPod and a message asking you if you wish to install the Rockbox Bootloader. Press i followed by ENTER, and ipodpatcher will now install the bootloader. After a short time you should see the message “[INFO] Bootloader installed successfully.” Press ENTER again to exit ipodpatcher.

2d. Make sure that you have correctly extracted a build of Rockbox so that you have a "/.rockbox", which contains all the files needed by Rockbox in the root of your player’s drive and that you have also installed the fonts package. Visit to learn more.
2e. Safely remove your iPod. The Bootloader is now installed.

Note: You can now use your iPod with the Rockbox firmware. This is the easiest part of my tutorial. You could thank Rockbox for developing the new installer. You don't have to go through command line installation like I did before. The hardest part will be installing Linux. I will post a tutorial regarding Linux installation right here soon.

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