Wi-Fi Dreaming

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Wi-Fi Dreaming: I’m back. Sorry for the long pause. Like I’ve said, I just had a not-so-short vacation. We went to the beautiful Plantation Bay. It is a 5-Star summer hotel/resort that is definitely an ideal place for the whole family to bond, enjoy, and relax. I love the view there, the lagoons and the swimming pools. I’ll post some pictures tomorrow at my personal photos site to paint my words well.

To all my fellow geeks, if you are already thinking of going there, beware as there are no
Wi-Fi hotspots or even Ethernet inside the hotel rooms. It would be nice to once in a while check your email, read RSS feeds, or hack the LAN (just kidding) at the comfort of your own bed after a long but fun day under the sun. Sad to tell you that Internet access is available only at a facility near the gym and there were few computers available, about 5 PC units including 1 unit that appeared to be broken as my wife had told me. I swear I never touch a computer during the entire vacation :)

I’m not here to criticize the resort as I know there are good reasons not to put too much technology distractions especially inside the hotel rooms. But when I was there, I was just dreaming, Wi-Fi dreaming that is.

UPDATE: Plantation Bay now have WiFi access point available on each of their room.

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