Will Real Python Hackers Please Stand Up

Will Real Python Hackers Please Stand Up: Filipino Python hackers and enthusiasts, may I have your attention please. Several months ago, I emailed Guido van Rossum , Python’s author and BDFL( Benevolent Dictator For Life), asking him for some advice on organizing a PUG( Python User Group) here in the Philippines. To my surprise, I got a quick reply from him with some instructions on how to get it started. But time did not allow me to take some actions immediately until now.

I realize that this blog could help spread my desire in starting a PUG with the help of course from those who are interested and passionate of the Python Programming Language. The benefits of having a user group is plenty just like the importance of having Linux User Groups as most of you might know or even involved with. We can gain more knowledge from each other as none of us is as smart as all of us. We can also provide some technical help to those who are just beginning to learn the language as a great way of helping the open source community.

To those who are interested, you can leave a comment here and we can keep in touch later.

I will end this post with a quote from a bestselling author named Stephen Covey. He said,

“Synergy is the highest activity of life; it creates new untapped alternatives; it values and exploits the mental, emotional, and psychological differences between people.”

Think about it.

UPDATE: Pinoy Python User Group -- Pinoy PUG

UPDATE 2: Pinoy PUG is now up and running!


  1. I'm interested jun. Update me whenever we are ready to roll.

  2. Thanks Rey. I will let you know as soon as we are ready.

  3. Hi Jun. I'm interested in forming a user group in the Philippines.

    I'm using Python in my discrete mathematics classes in Ateneo de Manila for two years already. Taking the course are BS Math and BS Comp Science students.

  4. Thank You for your interest sir. I hope we can gather enough members sooner to start a group already. But for now, you can help inform others who might be interested also. Just visit this page from time to time for updates. Thanks once again.

  5. Hi Guys,

    Let the ball roll, I'm also interested. I'm using python/zope for all my projects. Just let me know how can we help you.

    Good luck.

  6. Hey,

    I do hope I will be considered to be part of the group, if ever be created, I'm new to python, but in the process of learning and loving it.

    Thanks and God Bless.

  7. hi im learning python also because its easy to read and understand the sytanx are simple it includes a nice library or modules. but im still in chapter making classes and objects but i already see the big picture and the capability of this language. please tell me if you know any seminar , training class of python programming in manila because im located at bicol naga city. i have no idea where to find them.. mail me please at thank you

  8. Hi, i'm new too on Python Programming.

    I'm still on the 1st chapter and also in the process of gathering additional resources and references.

    I'm looking forward to learn and explore this language.

    Please advise me too if there are trainings or tutorials.

    Here's my email add:

    More power to PyPUG.

  9. Hi Jun,
    i am interested to, i'm willing to meet with the group or anyone interested in python. I am an expert in both python and 3d animation. I recently moved to Mountain Prov, but i am occasionally in the La Union and Manila areas.

    My last job i wrote a backend in python using twistedmatrix, and frontend in Flex AS3. It was presented at Demo 2007,
    see this link.

    Also i am writting a puppeteering animation program using: pyopengl, pygame, pyode, and pygtk. My project blog is

    best regards,

  10. This is cool..Hope the PUG will be up soon. I'm living here in Iligan, Mindanao and a 3rd Year IT student. I'm also using linux on my desktop. I want to learn python for my shell scripts..

    Please invite me's my email add:

    Thank you..

  11. Have any of you guys tried PyPy? One of the most interesting things going on in the python world nowadays. It give you automatic translation to other languages, in the near future maybe translation to the GPU.

  12. Hello, I currently work at a Python-based software company in Austin, Texas. but my wife and I are planning to move to Bohol sometime next year. So I was interested to run across your site while googling for something else. Please add me to your mailing list (david.morrill at gmail dot com). I currently am the creator/leader of the open source Python "Traits" package (, and have given several talks on it at various PyCon and SciPy conferences.

    David Morrill

  13. Hi Jun,

    I am a surveyor who focuses more on geographic information systems. Python is used as the scripting language of the GIS software I use so I became interested in it. After reading a lot about Python, a full-fledged programming language after all, it would be nice to hear from other Filipinos and friends dabbling in Python. You can reach me at: willy dot 11dim at gmail dot com.

    Wilfredo Rada

  14. Thanks to all who responded. I already created a pyPUG mailing list. I'll be inviting those who are interested real soon. Just leave your email add here via comment, or drop it at [auzajun at gmail dot com].

  15. Dude, sign me up..
    knightlust at

  16. jun auza,

    sign me up... really much interested in python..

    works in makati...

  17. AnonymousMay 10, 2008

    is this still in the works? Maybe we can initially start by setting up a Google Group or something.

  18. I started the Google group as suggested above... I already emailed some of you... hope to hear from you guys soon...

    Maybe we could some activity somehow... any suggestions?

  19. I would like to join the group too if poss. I've been using Python for a number of years for all sorts of data analysis routines and am currently writing a full application with it and wxPython with a view to starting a company. I would like to stay in touch with good Python programmers in the Phils. You can get me at salmoni at gmail. Am currently based in Laguna, near Cabuyao.

  20. Last May 24, we had Ken Nakamula from Tokyo Metropolitan University as a plenary speaker in the Annual Convention of the Mathematical Society of the Philippines. He is the developer of NZMATH, a python based number theory oriented calculation system. I also give a talk in the convention encouraging the math depts of the country to use python in teaching the course on Fundamentals in Computing which is now a CHED-required subject for math and applied math students.


  21. i want to join

  22. hi guys,

    just let me know when are you guys are ready, pls count me in, i would like to join.

    gilbertxye at gmail dot com

  23. Hi. Wouldn't it be better for this proposed user group to be some sort of scripting languages user group instead? That way, people interested in Ruby, PHP, Perl, Javascript, etc. can also join. Or would that incite violence? LOL. I think a lot of developers (and students) are well-versed (or at least, interested) in a variety of scripting languages.

  24. hi i'm a pythonista here in makati and i'm interested in joining so count me in!!!

  25. Is the group already existing?

  26. Hi Guys,

    We're having a Python Meetup scheduled for August 10, 2010

    join the facebook group for more info.


  27. Hi Jun,

    Ive been wondering about the history of Python here in the Philippines and then I saw this blog. I didnt know that you guys started it and the fact that the forming of the group dates back to 2007.

    We are trying to organize monthly meetups for Python PH. I hope I could get in touch with you and JM :)