Hasta la vista, Windows Vista

Hasta la vista, Windows Vista: Today, I’m thinking of terminating my Windows Vista partition and reinstall my XP back into my main workstation. Although I have some essential Vista applications installed, I don't mind because I can still install them through Windows XP.

Here is a list of some of Vista's annoyances and setbacks that made me think of switching:

  • Irritating User Account Control box that appears every time I want to access programs that Vista doesn’t recognize, even though I have already allowed it to run several times. Computers are dumb enough. Why did Microsoft made it even dumber?
  • Poor GUI like the Power button should have a shut down function by default and not sleep function; it is kind of confusing to many. You will need magic trick from the how-to-geek to change it.
  • Shuts down when clicking the shutdown button, but without asking any question or prompt. I have unknowingly or accidentally clicked the button several times and it’s really frustrating.
  • Slow start-up after installing updates. I know it’s normal but they could have done better.
  • Crappy Local Area Networking. Local computers on my network appear and disappear.
  • My also disappearing DVD drive. I have to shut down and reboot to see it again. The problem started right after I installed Vista and have to edit the registry to see my optical drive. It was fixed but still vanishes every once in a while.
  • Still lacking software and driver support even after 8 months of its release; like My 5.1 speaker system don’t sound that good than it was on XP.
  • VMWare is running so sluggish in Vista. It’s slower than a walking turtle.
  • Are there anymore Ultimate Extras coming? Not that I need it, but can we have our money back?
  • Slow file transfer between my removable devices and computer.

Right now I’m still contemplating on when I will do the annihilation. I heard that there’s a new feature coming up this September 27 of their Windows Media Center which is a part of Vista Ultimate Edition. They said it will let users watch free high quality Internet TV. So I guess I have to wait and see. After all, it’s only a couple of days away.


  1. I'm glad I did not upgrade to Vista. What a waste of money it would have been!

  2. Definitely Tim!