I Want my Google Korea, Now!

I Want my Google Korea, Now!: As some of you may already know, Google Korea had its website redesigned with a look so complex and different from the rest of the world.

The reason for this is the lack of Google’s market share in one of the most technically advanced countries on Earth. Well, South Korea, with high-speed internet access, heavily broadcast online gaming and such, caused this redesign; “It was important where our classic minimalism wasn’t working that we adapt,” Google’s Marissa Mayer told Search Engine Land. You can visit Google Korea to see their new animated website.

As for me, I don’t want Google's classic minimalism anymore. It was only good for the Web 1.0, the time when slow dial-up connections are widely used and majority of the users were just beginning to know or use the revolution called the Internet. But folks, we are now living in Web 2.0 and Google should adapt too.

I want access to my Gmail, Calendar and Blogger accounts all in one page, in Google’s home page that is because Google is my portal to the word like most of us do. Some might suggest that I can always install Google toolbar for easy entry to these services or I can just use iGoogle and have a customized page. But for me, I don’t want any more Firefox extensions or toolbars on my browser because it is cluttered and way heavy enough. To name a few extensions, I have Web Developer, SeoQuake, Firebug, YSlow and more installed.

There are a few Google prototypes that are appearing today, based on the Korean design or identical, but minus the animation; see screenshots below or click on the links here and here to visit the actual site.

They have the minimalistic look but were enough to satisfy my wants. I'm really hoping for a worldwide change in Google's main site design. After all, it’s not that bad to add a little complexity to its good old simplicity. What do you think?


  1. I want my google korea too! I visited the site, it's soo cool. How did they do the animation? The page still loads fast.

  2. The animation is javascript and will not work on everyone's browser. Korean site does load fast and just maybe a millisecond slower than the regular Google site.