Life Must Go On For MEPIS Linux

Life Must Go On For MEPIS Linux: On this year's 48th issue of DistroWatch Weekly, Ladislav Bodnar wrote a message to all the MEPIS Linux fans that sent heated emails to DistroWatch. Righteously, he gave them lessons on the proper things that they should have done. But what caused some MEPIS fans to act this way?

As some of you may have noticed, MEPIS was not in the front page news section at Distrowatch when they announced their two of the latest development releases namely Beta6 and RC1. The reason was the failure from MEPIS to deliver a descriptive release announcement. Distrowatch’s old policy clearly states that any release without a solid release announcement will only be mentioned in the "Latest Distributions" section (front page, left column). A simple oversight that could have been easily corrected had those fans emailed MEPIS instead of Distrowatch.

I find the current state of MEPIS somewhat frustrating. Its founder Warren Woodford was reached by Linux-Watch and asked him regarding MEPIS’s recent silence. His rather depressing remark clearly sends a negative message to the MEPIS community. I think the community must not be pessimistic about the said remark. Instead, it must serve as a wake up call, for them to double their efforts in helping to preserve MEPIS.

I am quite concerned about this as I have been a satisfied MEPIS user when I was still utilizing my older computer machine. It seems to be the only distro that works perfectly well with that old hardware of mine. Since then, I keep informed on every major development release of MEPIS.

A message to Warren:
We understand that working as a lone developer like you is not that easy, but think of the thousands of people that have benefited from using MEPIS. When I started using MEPIS with the version 3.5, it was not that popular and was not yet listed among the top ten distributions on Distrowatch. But look at MEPIS now and how great it has become. My only advice is to keep on rolling, because now is certainly not the right time to give up.


  1. Can guys working on Sidux somehow help Warren?
    May be Sidux can be better choice for him to get "stabilized" Debian instead of doing it himself or relying on "over-engineered" Ubuntu (I'm glad btw that he desided not to)?

    It could be a nice cooperation between Sidux and MEPIS. They both KDE-centric and very elegant...
    ...just my 2 cents ;)

  2. "the thousands of people that have benefited from using MEPIS" should just do the right thing and become MEPIS subscribers - if one likes to dance to the tune, it's only right to pay the piper...

  3. MEPIS doesn't appear on the Distrowatch because who use it doesn't look for other distro.

  4. factual error : the changelogs had already been posted. The ISO's that are released contain all of the updates made through the Synaptic repositories.

    So no. Distrowatch didn't do anything "righteously". They got busted, big time. More information is here :

  5. Though Saist asserts that DW was wrong, this is not correct. DW stated that the announcements were insufficient for DW needs, and inconsistent with long standing DW policy.

    Where enthusiasm for Mepis is one thing, speaking accurately seems to be quite another.