Doom on iPod in My Pocket

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Doom on iPod in My Pocket: I travel a lot these days. When I get bored, one of the favorite things that I always do is get my 5th Gen. iPod, not to listen to music or watch some videos of cats, but play Doom on it. That’s right. The good old semi-violent first-person shooter game called Doom, in 3D. I'm not kidding folks.

Now how did I do it?

First, I installed Rockbox. Rockbox is a free software replacement for the firmware held on various forms of digital audio players (DAPs). Rockbox offers an alternative to the host device's operating system firmware (in many cases without removing the original firmware) which provides a plug-in architecture for adding various enhancements and functionality to DAPs which are not present in the original OS. Enhancements include PDA functionality, applications, utilities, and games.

I just made a tutorial on installing Rockbox and bootloader on the iPod (click on the link): How to install Rockbox and Bootloader.

After familiarizing with the Rockbox firmware, I then installed Doom by following these very simple steps:

Note: To play Doom, you need at least the "base wad" called rockdoom.wad plus one or more game wads.

1. Install rockdoom.wad

Create a directory called /.rockbox/doom/ on your player (i.e. F:\.rockbox\doom\ for Windows users - where F: is the drive letter for your DAP) and save the following file in that directory:

* rockdoom.wad: rockdoom.wad.

2. Install the game wads

Copy the Doom wad(s) you wish to play into that directory and start Doom. The wads doom looks for are:

* doom1.wad: Doom (Shareware)
* doom.wad: Doom
* doomu.wad: Doom
* doom2.wad: Doom 2 - Hell on Earth
* doom2f.wad: Doom 2 French
* plutonia.wad: Doom 2 - Plutonia Experiment
* tnt.wad: Doom 2 - TNT - Evilution

A free alternative for Doom 2 is Freedoom. This can be used in place of doom2.wad or it may be used as an addon in doom by placing it in the addons directory.

Some photos of my iPod running Doom:

Now let’s smoke those freaky aliens!

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