Don't Fail Me Steve Jobs

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Macworld Conference & Expo is just several days away. Though I’m not an Apple enthusiast, I’m pretty much excited about the said event for two reasons. One is I can’t wait to see what new products will Apple announce or unveil. Maybe an iStove or iCar, only Steve Jobs knows. The second and the most important reason behind my enthusiasm is that I wanted to find out if frigging El Jobso will really launch an ultra-mobile laptop, “AKA Macbook super-thin”.

You see I really wanted to buy an extremely portable notebook computer ever since last year. In fact, I was already eyeing a number of decent laptop models and was about to make a choice. But, when rumors circulated that Apple is creating and will be releasing a potentially Mac-dreamy laptop, I raised my patience a bit and covered my eyes every time I’m near a Sony VAIO TZ or an Asus Eee PC to resist the urge to buy.

If those rumors will indeed become real, here are some of the possible tech specifications of the said Über mobile PC that I hope will be getting, or not:

Monitor Size: 13"
Case Color: Metallic, Dark gray
Optical Drive: External, Blu-ray
Weight: 50% lighter than present Macbooks
Storage: NAND flash
Trackpad: Multi-touch
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo
RAM: 2 GB minimum
Price: starting at USD $1500

..and here are several concept images of the much awaited sub-notebook courtesy of some Apple fanboys:

If Apple will really unleash a Macbook super-thin hopefully this January 15, and if ever I get convinced to buy one, I’m planning to dual boot Mac OS X with Linux, possibly Xubuntu. But that’s another story :-)

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