MacBook Air First Impressions

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MacBook Air (reminds me of Michael Jordan's famous rubber shoes), Apple’s newly introduced (at Macworld) ultra-portable and ultra-thin laptop is expected to arrive at the hands of consumers in two weeks. But already, important tech and blog sites are giving their first impressions on what is considered as “the world's thinnest notebook”.

If you are salivating while watching the photos of MacBook Air that's shown around the web, and if you are already thinking of pre-ordering it at the Apple Store, better read these initial reactions first from credible tech writers:

From Wired Blog Network, Mike Calore wrote:
(Gallery: MacBook Air Makes Its Slim, Sexy Debut)

"The MacBook Air is clearly an awesome piece of engineering, Apple should be proud of itself. I don’t see the Air as a replacement computer though— this is a secondary notebook for travelers. The nigh unbelievable light weight and impossibly thin profile make it perfect to tote to a photo shoot or to a business conference or to a sex vacation in South East Asia that you told your spouse was a business conference. But the anemic specs on the hard drive (64-80GB), dearth of USB ports (1), and complete lack of an Ethernet port (0), make it unsuitable for the multimedia tasks of a workhorse computer."
More HERE.

From PCWorld, Harry McCracken wrote:
(MacBook Air: How Incomplete Is It?)

"The list of features missing from Apple's wafer-thin laptop is almost as long as the list of what it's got. But I'll sure be watching this machine closely. I can't quite tell whether it's likely to be an influential hit or a Cube-like dead end...but it'll be fun to find out."
More HERE.

From TechCrunch, Duncan Riley wrote:
(Air: The Only Thing Left In Your Wallet After You Buy Apple’s New Laptop)

"The move away from computers that rely on desktop apps to the cloud (internet apps) is on. The Macbook Air fits the criteria with its lack of optical drive, relatively small storage options and emphasis on wireless/ WiFi internet. But here’s the thing: it’s too much money. Sure, it’s superb engineering and a full powered machine, but $1799 US and probably a lot more by the time it’s offered internationally is beyond what many will pay for an ultra-mobile."
More HERE.

From Engadget, Paul Miller wrote:
(Apple MacBook Air first hands-on)

"Yeah, pretty much sexy. Every element is super sharp, the hidden ports are a thing of beauty, and the backlit keyboard is certainly a nice touch. It's almost silly how light it is, and multitouch is smooth as butter. With the dimensions and curves Apple is playing with, we can almost forgive the lack of removable battery -- almost."
More HERE.

Darren Murph of Engadget asked the readers a poll question: Did you pre-order a MacBook Air? Here is the recent result:
More HERE.

Jun Auza of the very famous and extremely reliable Tech Source from Bohol site :) wrote a very interesting and highly intellectual article:
(MacBook Air: Sucks or Great?)

Design = Great
Portability = Great
Non-replaceable battery = Sucks
Backlit keyboard = Great
Display = Great
1 USB Port = Sucks
Multi-touch trackpad = Great
Processing Power = Sucks or Great (I can’t decide yet)
Lack of Ethernet port = Sucks
Lack of optical drive = Sucks
Mono speaker = Sucks
Hard drive = Sucks
Price = Sucks

Great Total = 5
Sucks Total = 7
? = 1

MacBook Air Sucks.

There you have it. Remember, these were just first impressions as MacBook Air has not been fully tested since it is not available in stores yet. My advice to those who are planning to buy the skinniest laptop ever: Wait for the tech experts’ judgment after they have dissected it from their tech labs.

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