25 Coolest Linux Wallpapers

I have noticed that Linux newbies take so much pride with their newly installed distro that they will most likely spend a lot of time searching the web for Linux-themed desktop wallpapers. So, I decided to provide here or share some of the best (in my own opinion) Linux desktop wallpapers that I have collected before. I hope you will like a few of them, at least.

Here are my "25 Coolest Linux Wallpapers" in no particular order:

1. Use Linux

2. Zenwalk Man

3. Tux Reading

4. Zenwalk Day

5. Drinking Tux

6. Tux Cool Green

7. Think Linux

8. Slackware Baby

9. Penguins

10. Tux Keyboard

11. True Open Source

12. Open Source System

13. Tux Surfer

14. Pengo Cola

15. Tux in Black

16. Gnome Ring

17. Gnome Tabloid

18. Blue Glow Tux

19. Easy Rider

20. Gnome Gallery

21. Windows on Fire

22. Gnome Coffee

23. Gnome Bus

24. Linux Village

25. Crop Circle Tux

Note: To download, click on the image to enlarge, and then right click and save.

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  1. Thanks for this. A cool list indeed. I especially liked #3 and #22.

  2. I personally like #7. I downloaded it already haha

  3. Very nice, esp #21. That's going to be on my desktop now ...

  4. i like the 3rd one very much.

    thanks for the cool wallpapers.

  5. Thanks for the comments guys and for liking the wallpapers. I appreciate it.

  6. very nice wallpapers i love it

  7. What, no wallpaper of Madonna hugging a Tux plushie? This makes me go sad. I think that's all it takes to make my mom use Linux. :)

  8. Good penguin wallpaper :)

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  10. penguin wallpaper is really nice .. Thanks!!