Ubuntu “Hardy Heron” on the Latest Macbook Pro (Penryn)

This is not a review of Ubuntu 8.04 “Hardy Heron” or a tutorial on installing it on the latest (4th Generation) Macbook Pro with Penryn Processor. This post is all about my plans on putting the soon to be released Ubuntu or Xubuntu 8.04 on my newly acquired laptop.

I got my very first Mac yesterday and I love it, hardware wise. I’ll just give the complete specs and details before long because I’m planning to write a review about it. Software wise, OS X Leopard is just too bloated for me. Forgive me Apple fans; I’m just used to the blazing speed of Xubuntu running on my 2 year old main computer, and I intend my new Macbook Pro to replace my ageing primary machine.

I have listed here some key Macbook Pro components that I hope will work on Hardy.

# Video
# Screen Colors
# Sound/Audio & Microphone
# Wireless
# Temperatures & Fan Speed
# Power Consumption
# Keyboard
# Function Keys
# Touchpad (Multi-touch)
# WebCam
# Access OS X, & Network Shares
# Allow Writing to HFS+ (OS X) Partitions
# Apple Remote Control

For now, I’ll wait for the distribution release of Ubuntu 8.04 scheduled to be unleashed at the end of April. And, I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

I made a review of Hardy Heron on Macbook Pro (Penryn) HERE.


  1. Hello Jun. Your blog continues to be one of my favourite windows into the world of Linux applications. My own experience there is very limited, apart from apps that run on multiple platforms.

    What I really want to tell you today is how much I appreciated the Bo Sanchez videos that you shared. I've been passing them along to my friends and family. Thanks!!! Although I'm not Catholic, I am a committed Christian who loves God. I especially appreciated the video entitled "Love for the Poor".

  2. Hi Paul,

    Thanks so much for the inspiring comment. I really appreciate it.

    If you want to see more videos from Bo Sanchez, you can go here:


  3. Hi jun

    Hardy Heron will be released tomorrow. I'm curious how you will deal with your project. What about suspend to disk component?


  4. Hi Manuel,

    I already tested Xubuntu Hardy Heron RC on MBP. Read my full article HERE .