HTC Dream Googlephone to Debut on September 23

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It's official. Telecom giant T-Mobile will hold a press conference in New York this September 23 to announce the very first Android-powered mobile phone, the HTC Dream. The highly anticipated phone is expected to be in the hands of consumers this October.

Here's a leaked tech specs of HTC Dream:

* Large touchscreen with haptic feedback
* Full QWERTY keypad
* 5 inches long and 3 inches wide
* Keypad that either slides or swivels for easy typing/texting
* Internet navigation controls below the touchscreen display

A photo (shown below) taken at the Google Developers Day in London is rumored to be the Dream phone...

If the photo seen above is really the HTC Dream, then I think its look is not that 'dreamy'. But still, I have high hopes for its Linux-based Android OS and the mobile apps that it will support. --The Android Developer Challenge has been concluded, and I've seen plenty of awesome applications that are supported by Android.

After HTC Dream, we will certainly be seeing more Android-powered mobile phones and devices. I can't wait to get one.

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  1. That sure looks ugly. I think I'm gonna pass on that and stick to my iphone for now.