Chromify Firefox with Chromifox

Did you know that you can now change the appearance of your beloved Firefox web browser and make it look like Google Chrome? Thanks to Chromifox, a Firefox add-on/theme made by the developers of Camifox.

Chromifox does not really alter the overall appearance of Firefox to the point of accurately making it look like Chrome, but at least it's a good start. See screenshot below:

You can customize Chromifox and make the location bar and search bar text smaller or larger. Also, you can hide the "favicons" or text labels in the Bookmarks Toolbar, prevent tab scrolling by setting a smaller minimum tab width, and get rid of useless menu items.

If you want to move the tab bar at the top of the window just like in Google Chrome, it is possible but it is not officially supported by Chromifox. For this experimental hack, you can go HERE.

Chromify tries to let us have the best of both worlds. We all love the clean, fresh, and sleek appearance of Google's home-cooked web browser, so why not borrow its clothes and dress up the king.

More info and download Chromifox HERE.


  1. nice theme , i liked the clean part about chrome glad to see it on FF

  2. In my opinion, the best thing about Chrome is the process isolation model which make it very easy to find the website which use 100% CPU..

    I don't really care about Chrome's look.