Why I Can't Wait for PCLinuxOS 2008

PCLinuxOS, the hottest Linux distribution of 2007 have gone quiet for more than a year now. At the moment, a lot of PCLOS followers are probably anxiously waiting for their favorite distro's 2008 version (if there is any). --There's no definite release schedule, so we are left guessing.

Though PCLOS is not my most favorite Linux distro, I honestly consider it as one of the best. I have used the May 2007 stable release version and I was really impressed with almost all of its features. --Its got the stability, speed, usability, and outstanding community support. I've also tried MineME, a stripped-down version of PCLOS, and I can say it is pretty good. So you can’t blame me if I couldn’t wait for the next distribution release of PCLOS.

For now, I'll act like a fanboy and write a short list of expectations for the upcoming PCLinuxOS 2008(?).

*Great support for KDE 4
With KDE 4 shining brighter than ever, I expect PCLOS will utilize it and will take advantage of its killer features. I still think that PCLOS is the best KDE distro around, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it will take KDE 4 to the next level.

*Excellent hardware support, security, and stability
Using the latest and greatest Linux kernel, PCLOS will become even more robust and secure. One of the things I like most about PCLOS 2007 is its amazing hardware support. Most of my hardware devices work perfectly in PCLOS without having to configure anything at all. Because of this, I expect the next version to be really well-supported.

*New default theme and artwork
PCLinuxOS is known to use the colors blue and black for their themes and artwork, so I expect it will still be the same for the next release. However, we will definitely see a change in design for the wallpaper, login screen, bootsplah image, and icon sets among others. Plus with KDE 4 integration, I expect the new overall theme to look really good. Just see those beautiful plasma themes and imagine what the next version of PCLOS will look like.

My expectations are high for the next version of PCLOS. I hope to hear a word or two from a PCLinuxOS developer regarding the current status of PCLOS. To our dear readers, please share with us your thoughts via comment.


  1. KDE4 does seem to be much of a priority at the moment, considering the KDE4 packages in the repo haven't been updated since January.

  2. Meanwhile you can try Pardus 2008 (2008.1 in a few days).

  3. PCLOS 2008, it took long enough! -
    delay some 3 months more and it will be
    PCLinuxOS 2009.

  4. I like pclos. It's a rolling release, but it hardly gets updated. I was still using the 2.6.22 kernel when the 2.6.24 kernel came out with it. Pclos is just a "slow roller" for rolling release which is fine. But as one other commenter pointed out, the kde4 packages haven't been updated since last january. Last january is 9 months ago. And it's quite obvious to me that if those packages haven't been updated in the pclos since january. That everyone who want's to test drive kde 4 get's version 4.0 instead of the stable and latest 4.1. There's no more of a point with installing kde 4.0. What you want is 4.0. I do give pclos good faith though. While ubuntu and mandriva offered kde 3.5.9 as the default kde instaed of suse and fedora decision to include kde 4.0 as the default kde installation is retarded.

  5. I know we have to wait a long time but i can assure you pclinuxos is far from dead, there's a good reason for the delay but i can't tell what it is due to the private caracter of that reason.

    First of all: the testing repository's has been frozen, so no more packages are added, only updates to get of all bugs.
    So finally development got to the point of preparing the new release. Now it's only a matter of time till Texstar decides 2008 is ready, cause his only release schedule has always been and always will be: It's ready when it's ready.

    Kde4 is currently in the development repo, after that it moves to testing and when all bugs are fixed pacakges will be released for the public.

    Just keep your patience, pclinuxos is still alive and kicking.

  6. I wouldn't expect KDE4 in the next PCLOS release. Even the KDE devs call it "not ready". If you know PCLOS at all you know the devs would not put out an unstable app. much less a unstable desktop enviroment.
    Lets correct the first comments, PCLOS MiniMe 2008 was released in January, I think that was 9 months ago. So, if its a rolling release just donwload MiniMe, add the apps you want, update the kernel and you would have PCLinuxOS 2008, its that simple, radically simple.

  7. I think most users fail to realize what a rolling release model is. Right now i have a pretty up to date PCLOS box running a 2.6.26 kernel, KDE 3.5.10 and so on. KDE 4? Well, Texstar is pretty much like Volkerding, always playing safe. I won't be too surprised if he waits until KDE 4.2 to upgrade the underlying foundation of his desktop take. Those of you who are more keen on some release cycle fuss, Mandriva is the right horse to bet on. All in all, PCLOS has spawned from Mandrake and, quite frankly, not much has been added. Mandriva is still the real thing to keep an eye on, no matter how much i like its stable incarnation as PCLOS.

  8. Our beloved distro's founder,Texstar,has been taken ill for some time now...

  9. Now we have Hurricane Ike to contend with.
    Good luck Texas.

  10. I use PCLinuxOS and and happy with it. I currently run the mini-me 2008 on my main pc and also on my webserver.

    Works like a charm.

    The new release will be worth the wait, because Tex and the Ripper Gang only release good work.

    Game Not Over,

  11. I'm a Linux End-User.
    Yes, there have been some serious delays. By SERIOUS, I mean illness [TexStar's] and the hurricane [Ike]. I collect and love Live-CDs, but me and my extended family only install the PCLinuxOS line of products.

    We're exclusive because we like the 'right out of the box' hardware and media functions, and because ALL the PCLOS flavors are just prettier than a pail full of kittens. When all free-Linux-KDE-Gnome can all look alike, in order to get the donations rolling in, then you've got to make your OS more user-friendly and more attractive than the other Live Distros out there.

    Ultimately, that is perhaps why we've already sent in our donations; not just to get on the VIP Server list, but because PCLinux products are superior to the other mediocre products by the big companies out there. Sorry M$ and Canonical, but PCLOS is not a large multinational corporation. We sent in our donations to help these people in Texas because we believe in them; in PCLinuxOS.

    We're looking forward to the new stuff, but we also want them to get better... while we root for the UnderDog. We've been with TexStar/PCLOS since 'Big Daddy' and we know he won't let us down.

    Me in towers: PCLOS-KDE, + PCLOS-BEL Server [Business Edition Linux] to HTPC/ XBox/ XBMC/ Nokia 770/ Skype/ Gizmo5/ WebCam/ VNC/ Print-Scan serve.
    My 60+ parents, in towers: PCLOS-Gnome, + PCLOS-TinyME.
    Uncles in towers & laps: PCLOS-KDE
    Cousins in towers: PCLOS-KDE, + TinyMe
    Friends in towers and laps: PCLOS-KDE, + PCLOS-BEL Server to HTPC/ XBox/ XBMC.
    I'm a Linux End-User.

  12. It is good to anticipate, but this blog is more hype and wishful thinking than anything. While you are waiting, try Mandriva One 2008 from which PCLOS comes. It will satisfy most users and it is up-to-date and full featured.

    If you are a happy PCLOS user (and most are) then you will be patient and wait. Since your system works well (and most do) then you won't be looking at someone else's stack wishing that you had what they had.

    This article, and others like it, paint a bad picture. It makes it seem that PCLOS is falling behind or is lacking (which it is not). It just follows a different model as explained by some and its timetable is realistic and not overly ambitious as some would want. If you have bigger expectations then you are likely to be disappointed and will never be happy.

    PCLOS continues to be a solid, small distro, that marches to a beat all of its own. It is not in competition with anyone or out to break any records. Its greatest achievement is in satisfied users and it has plenty of those.