15 Scariest Tux Icons for Halloween

Posted by jun auza On 10/31/2008
Since it's Halloween, let me give you a treat by sharing to you all some of the scariest tux icons in existence. Before going on, let me warn those with a weak heart that what you are about to see could be dangerous to your health. I'm just kidding of course :-) Some of these tux icons may even look more funny than horrifying, but at least they tried to be spooky. So without any more delay, here they are:

1. Count DraTux By tarazan

2. Joker Tux By hmeneses

3. Undertuxtaker By Brunocb

4. Virus By tarazan

5. Tiny Faucheuse By pit-tux

6. Sorciere Tux By Santang

7. Dark Templar By Neoshin

8. Zombux By tohig

9. SidTux Slipknot By robsor

10. Bubux By Darky Knight

11. Evil Tux By jigo

12. Ghost Rider Tux By manuoceane

13. GhosTux By YacinE

14. Tux Monstre By YacinE

15. The Adams Family By Santang

You may also want to check out my list of “30 Coolest and Funniest Tux Icons”. Once again, I would like to thank CrystalXP.net for sharing to us these great icons. Happy Halloween!

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