Xubuntu 8.10 "Intrepid Ibex" Released; Home Page Refreshed

Xubuntu 8.10 "Intrepid Ibex" has been unleashed together with its mother distro Ubuntu. Xubuntu has always been my favorite distro because it has all the exciting features of Ubuntu inside a speedy and lightweight Xfce desktop environment.

This latest version of Xubuntu is indeed loaded with new goodies such as:

* Improved Multimedia Features

* Abiword upgraded to version 2.6 with new features such as: improved support for Microsoft Office and OpenOffice documents; ability to embed gnumeric charts into your documents; the ability to open files on remote shares, ie. samba, ftp or ssh shares; and plenty more.

* Catfish (light-weight search front-end) integration

* Using the very latest X.Org 7.4

* Totem BBC plugin

* Samba 3.2

* DKMS - allow kernel drivers to be automatically rebuilt when new kernels are released

* New Network Manager with easier administration of 3G connections, PPP and PPPOE connections, and more.

* Linux kernel 2.6.27

* and much more...

With the release of Intrepid Ibex, Xubuntu also gets a home page redesign. I really love this new look that I think it's worthy to be included in my 'Best-designed Linux Distribution Websites' list. revitalized

So what are you waiting for? Go get Xubuntu 8.10 now!


  1. Been running Xubuntu 8.10 since Alpha 4 on my EeeBox and I love it. Oh, and I also love the new design on the site!

  2. Credit for the Xubuntu website design goes to Pasi Lallinaho :)