Many Thanks Tuxmachines, Woot!

Way before I started this blog, I've been keeping an eye on because it always has the freshest and quality news about Linux and other FOSS related articles. It's simply a news aggregator site that I look up to.

When my blog post got first featured on Tuxmachines, I couldn't believe it that I cried tears of joy. Well, I exaggerated a bit about the crying thing, but I was really happy just to be included among the headlines on that day. Also, the Tuxmachines effect gave this blog a good number of readers and site visitors, and the number keeps on growing as more and more of my blog posts got featured.

Yesterday, another tears-of-joy-moment came when the renowned and well-respected founder/owner of Tuxmachines, Susan Linton, posted at Don's Patch her Top13 Favorite Websites for Linux and Open Source information. She picked Tech Source from Bohol as among her favorites. It’s really flattering as her list also included some of my most wanted sites like:
Raiden's Realm

You can read Susan Linton’s full list HERE (it's somewhere in the middle of the page), and also HERE.

Thank you Tuxmachines, and thank you Susan Linton for the kind and inspiring words. Because of you, I keep on waddling the waddle :-)

More power and cheers!


  1. Hey jun congrats. I wish I was you. I'm also a Tuxmachines subscriber. I think it's currently the best Linux news aggregator out there. It's for everyone, noobies and experts alike.



  2. congrats! keep up the good work!


  3. that's great! good luck!

  4. I also always refer to to find news about linux and open source every morning.

    Btw, your blog also one of the blog that I like...

    Keep up the good work... :)

  5. @Felix: Thanks and cheers!

    @Norlan: Norlan Mumar? C jun auza ni taga talibon hehe. Karon pa ko kabantay imo comment sa niagi. Thanks ;-)

    @Deuts: Thank you.

    @DakoChan: Thanks a lot. I really appreciate it.

  6. yup si Norlan Mumar gyud hehehe, surprise ko nimo bai da, nice blog by the way.

  7. Wa ra lingaw bai hehe. Good luck sa start-up software company ninyo. Bilib ko.

  8. hi hon. COngrats