Android on iPhone

I once thought of someday seeing Linux running on an iPhone. Then came Android, the Linux-based mobile operating system that is destined to run on just about any modern electronic gadget. So now I firmly believe that it won't take long before we will see an Android-powered iPhone.

"Why bother installing Android on an iPhone?" you may ask. I've got a simple answer: a combination of the most gorgeous phone in the world with the most advanced mobile OS would be spectacular. Maybe only a few adventurous techies (me included) can appreciate the notion, but I don't mind telling you all this.

There's an active project called iPhone Linux that is still in the very early stages of development. They have a great goal of someday creating an open source operating system that can be a feasible competitor to the existing iPhone OS. They are also planning on collaborating with Android, OpenMoko, and Ubuntu Mobile. I'm sure one of the trickiest parts of development would be creating several iPhone specific drivers for display, multitouch, wi-fi, accelerometer, sound, baseband, and so on, so I wish them luck.

As of the moment, I haven't heard of anyone who has successfully installed Android on an iPhone. But there was a rumor about a Belgian man who has installed Android on his iPod touch (see photo below).

My list of Linux hackable gadgets may convince you that putting Android on an iPhone is never impossible. To those who can't wait, you can always check out the G1 phone from HTC, or hang on a bit for the Android-powered Moto that is coming in a few months.


  1. Carl StanleyNovember 08, 2008

    Interesting post. I already have an iPhone but also want to try out Android and some of its great apps. Dual booting Android with iPhone's mobile Mac OS would be way too cool.

  2. I have never really been a fan of iPhones until my wife bought one. Now I am a convert and wants one too. I have seen the G1 (Android phone from TMobile) and I am not impress with it. Okay, it does have Google with it, so does iPhone. Maybe, a little bit more time and a much better looking handheld could even out the race with iPhones.

  3. @mangz74: Thanks for dropping by. I guess we have the same feelings for the iPhone. I'm planning to get one also, but I'm still waiting for the price to go down a bit.

  4. AnonymousJuly 12, 2009

    well i hope for that day cause even though i admit the hardware of the iphone rocks im a 100% android fanboy so is there any updates about that project

  5. AnonymousJuly 31, 2009

    these photos look fake guys, how can you get a gsm signal on a ipod touch.

  6. Android in meant for mobile phones. That's why you get all the phone elements.

  7. I think the guy who said they look fake is right, as it is probably just a picture of an android device displayed on the touch.

  8. how could a iPod touch have a operator signal? oO
    I think this is a fake, because if this would be true, there would be more to find in the web.

  9. I guess it's a wifi signal, not an operator signal

  10. If iPhone is converted to Android OS, Apple is gone. Every one would welcome Android on iPhone.

    Conversion software is sold for $10, developer will be Millionaire within a month.

    I personally love to see and convert my iPhone which I am not using because of headache with iTune.

  11. Heres a step by step tutorial!

  12. iNDROID Flasher is now to download!
    It work! Yeah!