15 Scariest Tux Icons for Halloween

Since it's Halloween, let me give you a treat by sharing to you all some of the scariest tux icons in existence. Before going on, let me warn those with a weak heart that what you are about to see could be dangerous to your health. I'm just kidding of course :-) Some of these tux icons may even look more funny than horrifying, but at least they tried to be spooky. So without any more delay, here they are:

1. Count DraTux By tarazan

2. Joker Tux By hmeneses

3. Undertuxtaker By Brunocb

4. Virus By tarazan

5. Tiny Faucheuse By pit-tux

6. Sorciere Tux By Santang

7. Dark Templar By Neoshin

8. Zombux By tohig

9. SidTux Slipknot By robsor

10. Bubux By Darky Knight

11. Evil Tux By jigo

12. Ghost Rider Tux By manuoceane

13. GhosTux By YacinE

14. Tux Monstre By YacinE

15. The Adams Family By Santang

You may also want to check out my list of “30 Coolest and Funniest Tux Icons”. Once again, I would like to thank for sharing to us these great icons. Happy Halloween!

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Xubuntu 8.10 "Intrepid Ibex" Released; Home Page Refreshed

Xubuntu 8.10 "Intrepid Ibex" has been unleashed together with its mother distro Ubuntu. Xubuntu has always been my favorite distro because it has all the exciting features of Ubuntu inside a speedy and lightweight Xfce desktop environment.

This latest version of Xubuntu is indeed loaded with new goodies such as:

* Improved Multimedia Features

* Abiword upgraded to version 2.6 with new features such as: improved support for Microsoft Office and OpenOffice documents; ability to embed gnumeric charts into your documents; the ability to open files on remote shares, ie. samba, ftp or ssh shares; and plenty more.

* Catfish (light-weight search front-end) integration

* Using the very latest X.Org 7.4

* Totem BBC plugin

* Samba 3.2

* DKMS - allow kernel drivers to be automatically rebuilt when new kernels are released

* New Network Manager with easier administration of 3G connections, PPP and PPPOE connections, and more.

* Linux kernel 2.6.27

* and much more...

With the release of Intrepid Ibex, Xubuntu also gets a home page redesign. I really love this new look that I think it's worthy to be included in my 'Best-designed Linux Distribution Websites' list. revitalized

So what are you waiting for? Go get Xubuntu 8.10 now!

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Obama, Now More Popular than Apple and Microsoft

I was just checking the hottest search terms at Google Trends and was amazed to see how Obama dominated 'Today's Hot Trends'. From the top ten list, 7 out of 10 'searches' are related to the Democratic Party presidential candidate (see below).

I played a little bit and compared Obama to two giant tech companies namely Apple and Microsoft, and here's the result:

Now, who do you think will be the next US president? If you ask me, it will surely be not this man (see photo below).

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15 Beautiful Ubuntu Wallpapers for a Sleeker Intrepid Ibex

The release of Ubuntu 8.10 "Intrepid Ibex" is just moments away. If indeed this latest version of Ubuntu will sport a new theme, then we will certainly be seeing an ultra-fresh default wallpaper. I've seen several great-looking wallpapers posted at Ubuntu Wiki that would look good on Intrepid Ibex (see below).

However, to those who would choose not to use the upcoming default Ibex wallpaper for some reason, I have here a collection of beautiful Ubuntu wallpapers that you may like:

1. Natural Art

2. Porsche


4. Rainbow

5. Smoke

6. Flower

7. Ice

8. Sandstone

9. Spirolight Black

10. Hole

11. Nubuntu

12. Globe

13. Luna

14. Lava

15. Sleek Smooth

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10 Cool and Funny Firefox Video Ads

Firefox is the only web browser in the world that has tons of enthusiastic followers. I've seen desktop wallpapers, icons, t-shirts, graffiti, and even tattoos that are dedicated to Firefox. But it didn't stop there. Just recently, I saw some videos on YouTube that promotes the use of Firefox.

For you all to see, I decided to collect some of those Firefox video ads but picked only those that I think are cool funny. So without any more delay, here are the videos:

1. Wheee!

2. Firefox Eskimo Ad

3. Firefox Gym

4. Fox Fever

5. Firefox Dare Devil

6. Firefox Ad - Don't Be Mean

7. Firefox Rise Up Viral Video

8. The Legend of Firefox

9. True Firefox

10. Firefox - "Smells Terrific"

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To Ibex, or Not to Ibex

I just upgraded to Ubuntu 8.04 ‘Hardy Heron’ six months ago. My hardware devices like graphics card, audio, keyboard, wireless card, touchpad, and webcam are now functioning well after applying a series of fixes, and I’ve got all my essential applications installed. I’m really at peace running Hardy on my Macbook Pro that I have never touched my OS X ‘Leopard’ for the longest time.

A few days from now, Ubuntu 8.10 codenamed Intrepid Ibex will be unleashed. This upcoming edition will have new features and innovation that will surely encourage non Linux/Ubuntu users to try it. But to those who have just upgraded several months ago and have a flawlessly running Ubuntu desktop just like me, is there a need to upgrade to Intrepid Ibex? Since I’m still undecided, I want you all to help me out with this one. You can answer our poll question below, or just share with us your thoughts via comment.

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Android-powered Motorola Phone Coming Real Soon

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Several months ago, at the last part of my 'Wassup Android?' post I said,

I'm planning to get a new cell phone by the end of the year. An ultra sleek and sexy Android-powered Motorola RAZR would be nice ;-)

It turns out, I was right about one thing. Motorola will indeed deliver its first Android-powered phone, but not until the second quarter of 2009. According to a report by BusinessWeek, Motorola's version of Android phone will boast an iPhone-like touch screen, a slide-out qwerty keyboard, and a host of social-network-friendly features.

Motorola expressed their enthusiasm by saying in a statement: "We're excited about the innovation possibilities on Android and look forward to delivering great products in partnership with Google and the community of developers known as the Open Handset Alliance that are working on the Android operating system."

So will it be an Android-powered Motorola RAZR?

According to a few reliable sources, the Motorola Android will take some of the design cue from Krave ZN4 (see photo below), the first touch-screen phone from Motorola that was launched a week ago. In addition, it will have a slide-out Qwerty keyboard just like the HTC G1. However, according to some people who've seen the pictures and specs of Motorola's Android-based device, it looks like a higher-end version of the HTC phone.

Will I wait for it?

My answer is no. U.S. release date by the second quarter of next year is just too long for me because the phone will probably arrive here in our country several months later than that. Maybe I will have to settle for HTC G1, or worse find a way to install Android on an iPhone :-)

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10 Fun Firefox Add-ons

We all know that Firefox has hundreds of great add-ons to enhance our web browsing experience. In fact, there's always an article that lists some of the best Firefox add-ons or extensions. Like, 50 Best Firefox Extensions for Power Surfing, 30 Best Firefox add-ons, 10 Best Firefox Addons for Designers, 10 Killer Firefox Extensions That You Probably Don't Know About, and 15 Amazing Firefox Extensions for Porn Surfers. Okay, the last one is a joke.

Since there are already plenty of lists out there that features some of the most essential add-ons, I'm left with sharing to you all this collection of fun Firefox add-ons. So what exactly is a fun add-on? --It is an add-on that's simply made for entertainment purposes.

Now, if you are ready, here's my list of '10 Fun Firefox Add-ons':

1. Halloween Theme
Since it's almost Halloween, why not decorate your Firefox with this dark-looking theme adorned with customized icons of witches flying across the full moon, Jack-o-lantern, flying bats, haunted house, and a black cat.

Download HERE

2. Pacman
A Pacman-clone for Firefox. You can start playing the game by pressing the up arrow or the down arrow key. Features include:
* stunning retro graphics
* authentic sound effects
* back-in-the-80s feeling
* highscore list
Download HERE

3. Add-Art
If you hate seeing adds on websites, then you must try this. Add-Art replaces advertising images on web pages with contemporary art from a curated database. It is bundled with the AdBlockPlus extension. Add-Art provides the millions of AdBlockPlus users with an alternative to blank space. Art shows are hand selected by curators of contemporary artists to bring the museum onto your screen and into your everyday activities.

Download HERE

4. Pennypacker
This extension adds functionality to tag, favorite and comment on your favorite Penny Arcade strips. The support website tracks the top strips, creates tag clouds and contains a date-organised archive of all Penny Arcade comics.

Download HERE

5. Scribblies Kids
How about introducing this theme to your kids. Scribblies Kids theme has a cartoonish icon sets with a juggler juggling the balls while the page is loading.

Download HERE

6. Perapera-kun: Japanese Popup Translator
Learning Japanese can be both fun and useful. Why not try this Japanese Popup Translator that allows you to see the pronunciation and English meaning of Japanese words when you place your mouse over them.

Download HERE

7. Tom Green Live!
If you can't get enough of Tom Green, you can track the status of, whether Tom Green is broadcasting live or not with this neat toolbar icon. It has a Drag 'n dropable icon for your toolbar: Color green: Tom is on; Color black: Tom is off.

Download HERE

8. Baseball Theme and Toolbar
For baseball fanatics, this one is for you. This combined theme and toolbar includes a favorite team selector, embedded news as well as an expandable sidebar with the latest baseball videos.

Download HERE

9. Boston Celtics Theme
I love basketball and I love Boston Celtics. The theme celebrates the peerless glory of this great NBA franchise. Its navigation and toolbars are composed of green and white colors with big icons that symbolize the Celtics.

Download HERE

10. HalloFF
This is yet another Halloween inspired theme. Jack Skellington, along with other characters from the Nightmare Before Christmas can bee seen in this theme making it dark, fun, and really cool looking.

Download HERE

If you know other fun Firefox add-ons, please share it with us.

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