Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) Windows 7 Edition

Windows 7, the much-hyped upcoming version of Windows operating system is now in Beta. And though it’s kind of promising based on reading some of the positive reviews, one thing is for sure; it will never become the 'awesomest' operating system that everyone will love.

To our readers, I know you all love seeing the infamous Blue Screen of Death. So I present to you some videos of Window 7’s own version of BSOD:

BSOD at start-up:

BSOD after logging in:

BSOD while looking at themes:

So there you go. Nothing much has changed really, and even the error message is presented the same way as some of the previous versions of Windows. Still counting on Windows 7?

You may also want to check out our “Screens of Death Humor” article that takes a look at the funny side of various error screen messages.


  1. It wouldn't be Windows if there was no BSOD.. Rejoice crashers!

  2. wow what a big deal. show me an OS that has never crashed

  3. I've run XP on dozens of boxes and Vista on a few and NEVER had a BSOD. Like any OS - if you know how to build/config/run your system - it's not a problem.

    Plus it's BETA - what part of that word is UNCLEAR to you.

    How come their is a zillion apologists for Linux (both it's OS and Apps both in and out of beta) - but a BETA of Win7 and any little problem is harped on endlessly

  4. Wow, an operating system that crashes.

    1) all operating systems crash.

    I've seen Arch, Ubuntu, Solaris, OSX and Windows crash.

    2) Are these real crashes, or did the user remove some systems files or something to cause the crash?

    3) I'm mostly a Linux user, and even I think Windows 7 is pretty good.

    It's fast, looks good and is pretty stable for a beta.

    I'm not going to switch to it full time, but might install the final version on a spare partition for gaming purposes.

  5. olé

    I can read comments like these elsewhere, that if Beta, that if all have failures OS architecture ...

    Looks like it hurts to see a blue screen

    personally for many years using windows ..
    Virus boring, format, and configure Linux user I am now, only I had the opportunity to savor Ubuntu 8.04 Beta and 9.10Beta .. Ubuntu User 151840
    I have had no inccidente By the even this simply will not let me,,

    I am now Mandriva User

    You can not refer to terms such as advocacy of Linux users and discussions without providing details wrong reasons ..

    Windows users are accustomed to conflicts:
    I am very happy for them ..

    Health & Greetings to all ...

  6. Every OS has issues including Linux, BSD or OSX. My iMac G5 running Tiger even exhibits BSOD (I later discovered that the cause was a broken video card). My PC BSD7 running KDE4 crashed when I run firefox 3 for 10minutes and sometimes when running Konqueror. And a friend of mine spent the last two days fixing his Ubuntu when it stops showing him his Gnome Desktop after boot. It's ok to criticize other OS but trying to imply that windows is the only OS that is very unstable because of BSOD and that every version of OS MS produces sucks is pretty lame.

  7. Guess, you really can't print out absolutes when it comes to OS or any systems for that matter. People are too diverse to put any OS in a box because each OS means differently to each person/user. Any comment you put here is okay for some and not okay for others. So keep the comment going - it has its use for everyone, just remember that these comments are intended to help and not put anything down.


  8. i think this is ironic, a linux guy claiming windows 7 is great., not just any ordinary guy, it's ur ubuntu guy. So much for your BSOD post.

  9. BSoD is caused by hardware failures, its a general crash, happens to all OS but not at all time.. If you have Up to date drivers, high specs, and good handling, crash will never occur, so those noobs claiming that this can happen to any machine.. stfu..

  10. Vista BSOD is the Same

  11. You would think after so many years of the BSod, they would come out with something that doesn't looks so deadly. I have switched to a mac and I will never go back. Best investment I have ever made.

  12. Allow me to translate into Linux-speak: kernel panic.

    Maybe if Microsoft made the BSOD purdier or edgier-looking?