Watch the Obama Inauguration Live on Linux with Moonlight

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Linux users rejoice. It is now possible to watch the Barack Obama Official Inauguration live via video stream. Thanks to Moonlight, the open source implementation of Microsoft Silverlight, we will finally be able to see the much-awaited presidential inauguration from the comfort of our own Linux desktop.

As reported earlier by OSNews, Linux and open source supporters were quite upset that the Presidential Inaugural Committee chose to utilize Silverlight. At the time of the report, Moonlight, which is still in beta stage, is far from finished.

However, Migel De Icaza confirmed through his blog that Moonlight is now ready to handle the video stream. Hats off to Microsoft for giving Moonlight developers access to the code that will be used during the Obama inauguration.

To download Moonlight and for installation instructions, you can go HERE. You can then go HERE to watch the Obama Official Inauguration video stream live as it happens.

Since the event is still a few ours away, you can read some technology quotes by Barack Obama to learn more about his plans on technology related matters.

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