Healthy Goals for 2009 + Must-have Geeky Exercise Machines

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Coding, web browsing, and writing tech stuff all day sure is fun, but knowing that your health is slowly but surely deteriorating isn't. A common problem in people with tech jobs is the lack of exercise and the total absence of consciousness to stay fit.

Sure you can accomplish plenty of tasks if you spend most of your time in front of the computer and never ever care to have some physical workout. However, if you keep on doing this, you will become less and less productive and may end up being dumb and lazy. Believe me because this is happening to me right now.

Last year was my unhealthiest year ever. I gained 30+ pounds of 100% juicy fat, and right now I feel like sh%#t. I know my weight-gain may not sound much to some of you, but I've been fairly fit all my life so this washed out feeling is new to me.

Because I value my health a lot, I have a goal to make 2009 my healthiest year ever. Who knows that by December, I will end up having a body like that of Manny Pacquiao :-)

I hope some of our readers here and fellow geeks can join me in this quest to stay in good shape all this year and perhaps throughout our lives. We can start by taking a few baby steps like following some of these tips that I once wrote:

*12 Essential Exercises for Geeks
*15 Healthy Snacks for Linux Gurus

And if you are really really ready to be healthy, get up, hit the gym, run, swim, or simply play your favorite sports. Of course you have to eat well and as much as possible stay away from fatty foods to keep the balance.

Right now, I feel comfortable working out at home since I have some dumbbells, jumping rope, and a few fitness CDs. But what I really like to have are these geeky exercise equipments that I’m about to show you. I'm sure others with very limited free time will also love these:

The Geekcycle...

The Treadputer:

We can also improvise and do what Bo Sanchez did here:

If your goal is to achieve overall wellness and if you need some inspiration, I recommend reading ZenHabits. If you are still hesitating to start living a healthy life, I have three words for you: Just do it!

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