in Unusually Down

- - 4 comments has been unusually down for more than a day now. I've been wanting to contact 'srlinuxx' to express my concern on what’s happening. Several people have already emailed me and wanted to know why the site is still offline so I expect there are plenty of you out there who are also looking for answers.

To give everyone a little peace of mind, here is what I know:

I've read a post at PCLinuxOS-Forums from 'Linuxera' (forum administrator) that she has sent a message to srlinuxx and got a reply.

Quote from Linuxera:

I pm'd srlinuxx late yesterday and had a response waiting for me in my inbox this morning... Seems like her IP Host is playing games.. She should be back on line in a few days. In the meantime should work for ya... :-)

Did she just say in a few days? I hope srlinuxx can clarify that for us. I know a lot of people can't live without a daily dose of Tuxmachines so I hope the downtime will not be that long.

For now, let’s wait and be patient. Anyway, as what Linuxera has posted at PCLinuxOS-Forums, you can still visit via here:


  1. Thanks!!!

  2. I've not been myself without Susan's good work ;-)

    I hope it'll be back to normal soon.

  3. Does not work..... his IP was probably changed again :(

  4. try
    That aggregates all the linux blogs as well