25 Most Awesome Firefox Wallpapers

As I’ve said before, Firefox web browser has become so popular that it has a lot of passionate users from around world. These people will do everything to help spread Firefox. --Like some of them have created great desktop wallpapers that even non-Firefox users will surely be attracted to.

To know what I mean, I have collected a few of those wallpapers here for everyone to see. So without delay, here’s my list of 25 most awesome Firefox desktop wallpapers:

1. Firefox Band

2. Wanted Firefox

3. Firefox Balloon

4. Spread Firefox (Brown)

5. Einstein loves Firefox

6. Firefox Mouse

7. Safe Browsing with Firefox

8. Firefox Surf

9. Firefox Atlas

10. United Firefox

11. Firefox Light Bulb

12. Firefox Wall

13. Firefox + Thunderbird Cube

14. Firefox Planets

15. Spread the Fire

16. Firefox Sleek Silver

17. Firefox Sports Car

18. Firefox the Hunter

19. Firefox Girl 1

20. Firefox Pendant

21. Firefox Constellation

22. Firefox Boating

23. Firefox Nebula

24. Firefox Girl 2

25. Firefox + Thunderbird Jack Stone

If you have a link or two to other great Firefox wallpapers, please share it with us via comment.

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  1. My small contribution ...

  2. What license are the images under?
    CC-BY, as the rest of your blog?

  3. Loved "firefox girl 1", firefox just gets well with anime xP.
    Hey your some of contrbutions are better than the others, especially, the green one.

  4. Licensed GPL..

  5. AnonymousMay 11, 2010

    Muuuuuyyyyyy buenos fondos!!! gracias