Firefox 3.0.7 Beta Released

Before anything else, I would like to let everyone know why I failed to post an update for the last couple of days. Well, it’s been a hella busy week. I went to Manila for a visa interview and just celebrated my birthday among other things :-) I’m still not in the mood to write but I thought I should let you all know that I’m still alive and kicking.

Anyway, the first thing that greeted me upon my return is an update of Firefox. Since I am a Beta tester, my previous version of Firefox has been updated earlier than probably most of you. The 3.0.7 version has fixed some key issues:

* Fixed several security issues.
* Fixed several stability issues.
* Items in the "File" menu show as inactive after using the "Print" item from that menu - switching to a new tab restores them (bug 425844). This issue has been fixed.
* For some users, cookies would appear to go “missing” after a few days (bug 444600).
* Mac users of the Flashblock add-on, experienced an issue where sound from the Flash plug-in would continue to play for a short time after closing a tab or window (bug 474022).
* Fixed several issues related to accessibility features.

The stable version of Firefox 3.0.7 will be available for download on March 4, 2009.


  1. My flashplayer (*BUNTU, FF3 from repository) plays music after closing tab too and I've got used to that and considered it as normal.

    Do you think that this solves my issue?

  2. I also got Ubuntu FF3 from rep, the music plays for like a second longer, I don't consider this a major issue, lets wait for the update and see what happens.
    I checked the File-Print & inactive menu issue - it doesn't seem to exist in Linux.