How to Connect iPhone to a Computer via Bluetooth

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How to Connect iPhone to a Computer via Bluetooth - Do you want to connect your iPhone to a computer via bluetooth to quickly transfer files like photos, music, and videos? If you want to then I have a really bad news for you. --You CAN'T use iPhone's bluetooth to transfer files to and from your computer. In short, you can't connect your iPhone to your computer via bluetooth.

I know it sucks but that is the truth, and don’t waste your time because there’s no apps or software that can make it work. In fact, I have a Macbook Pro and it's really a shame that it doesn't work hand in hand with the iPhone. It’s like seeing two Apple products screwing each other. Heck my old Nokia phone can transfer files to and from my mac with very less effort via bluetooth.

As of the moment, the only use of that stupid little bluetooth on our iPhones is for connecting to bluetooth headsets. So let's just hope and pray that the next big firmware update will bring us some good news.

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