PCLinuxOS 2009 Beta 3 Released

Don't count out PCLinuxOS just yet. The Ripper Gang announced today the release of the third public beta of PCLinuxOS 2009. According to them, the series of beta ISOs are released under the name of N1PTT to honor the loss of Robert Green, a long time friend of PCLOS community who recently died of cancer.

"This beta features kernel, KDE 3.5.10, 3.0, Firefox 3.0.5, Thunderbird, KTorrent, Amarok, Flash, Java JRE, Compiz Fusion 3D and much more. We request that only our more experienced PCLinuxOS users test this beta release and report any issues with it in the forum provided specially for it. Testers are advised to install this beta into a separate partition for temporary use only. This and any subsequent betas are considered static installs and will not be upgradeable to the 2009 Final, so please don't install this with the idea of using it long-term as a work station."

Also from the announcement, Texstar (PCLOS lead developer) is still taking a leave of absence due to personal problems but promised to be back soon.

So now we know that there will be no more PCLinuxOS 2008. They did however release a mini edition of PCLOS last year. It's also worth noting that PCLinuxOS 2009 will probably not utilize KDE 4 contrary to what was expected. But, things could change. Anyway, all I’m hoping right now is to finally see a latest and greatest version of PCLinuxOS yet.

You can read the full release announcement HERE.


  1. yipeee! PCLinuxOS 2009 Final is another step closer!

  2. Not so fast. The name of this release could change. I have a strong feeling that this release will be named PCLinuxOS 2010.

  3. My folks both use PCLinuxOS as it has been my distro of choice for friends and family.

    Mom has seen my Mandriva2009 w KDE4 and wants her desktop to look like mine so Im kinda bummed by the fact taht they are still using 3.5.
    But to be honest, 4.2 is the first version that I think is ready for mom and pop so it might have been a wise choice.

    I hope they eventually switch to v4 because it really is the future of KDE desktop but you know what? KDE3.5 is still an amazing desktop that was updated twice in 2008 and that I can put up against Wnidows or Mac with no problem.

    If anything, I might like the idea of having a recent solid 3.5 distro and a 4.2 distro for friends and family.

    Mandriva/PCLinuxOS have long been my choice for weening people on Linux so I am psyched.
    It doesnt get the buzz that teh distro du jour has but both have been among the best KDE distros for quite some time.

    I hope they continue their Minime/Tinyme for older desktops.
    It almost makes me want to abandon my faithful Puppy.

  4. Trust me, going with KDE3.5.10 is the right decision: I wasted over $3K of time trying to get Mandriva's 4.1.3 working to my satisfaction and failed; had to re-install with a 3.5.10-installation (since you can't cleanly revert an existing installation).

    The final drop-dead show-stopper was not being able to configure mouse-button-in-root-window menus--something I've had in _every_ window manager since OLWM on SPARC2 ages ago, and which KDE3.5 did better than anything else I had tried...