Ubuntu 9.04 "Jaunty Jackalope" Wallpapers

First there were Ubuntu 9.04 "Jaunty Jackalope" mock-up designs, now showing up are tons of user-created wallpapers dedicated to the next major release version of this popular Linux distribution. If you are interested, let me show you some of those wallpapers here. But please take note that this is not a “best Linux wallpapers list” so I encourage you to lower your expectations and stop oneself from sending us violent reactions :-) However, if you happen to know a link or two to other good Ubuntu Jaunty Jackalope-related wallpapers, please do share it with us via comment. So without further delay, here they are:

By Apurv

By yoyovlt

By JonPotiron

By howitzer777

By Joseph B

By PKemrin


  1. Brown. What a surprise.

  2. I would prefer it to be more like the AWESOME 8.10 wallpaper. (With a Jackalope in the place of the Ibex)

  3. wow, all very innovative!,but very specially the first one. Obviously, I'm being sarcastic.

    Btw, who the heck thought that non English speaker would what a "jaunty jackalope" is?. It is the most ridiculous name I've heard in a while.

  4. so much work wasted on the first thing that gets replaced after an install...

  5. Gawd, theyre ugly.
    4th is kitchey beyond belief, unless intentional irony was the goal.

    And enough with the caca brown motif.

    At least the Kubuntu Ive tried has stayed away from that horrible color scheme.

    My sister asked me to put on her Dell Mini 9 a Linux like the one I run (Mandriva w/ KDE) because the Ubuntu was depressing her with its Windows 95 look.

    Other Gnome desktops are pretty ugly too but the earth tones of Ubuntu is granolacraptastic

  6. Let's do some word association. I'll say a word, and you say the first word that comes into your head.



  7. I see only two good options, that is the first one and the ROCK-SOLID awesome cool one by crisg :) but the first one needs to be redrawn, to make it perfect for Ubuntu Jaunty. The problems is it is too flat, you need more detail on that animal suluet. Shadows for example would help :)

  8. I love them !!!

    First class ..

  9. sorry guys, they are dreadful, except a few wich are even macabre. and yes, jaunty something is ridiculous

  10. crisg's is very nice... I'd actually use it as my default wallpaper.

    The rest? Nice, but at risk of sounding like a drone... Brown?!? Really?!? Can't we move away from brown already?

  11. really awful. don't like any of them. dull, dull, dull...

  12. Those are awfull!

    If the theme is gonna be brown, let brown be and make a brown wallpaper, but those have to much colors, stay in a narrow range of variations of brown, mixed with black and low.profile colors, but the one with ultra-brigth brown is really awfull, and the jaunty drawing looks too japanese.

    They're generally too bright, come with something more abstract to enfatisize creativity.

    (me spanish, sry misspelling)

  13. Alverez I think is right :)

  14. Yeah... a whole lot of FAIL going on here.